Nigerians Blast Gov. El-Rufai For Slashing Health Workers’ Salaries By 25%

by on May 1, 2020

Nigerians have not taken kindly to Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai’s decision to slash salaries of health workers especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

These health workers are rightly regarded as the true heroes of the season because they are on the front line of the battle against COVID-19.

The Governor’s decision to slash their salaries by 25 percent is quite shocking considering he is a first hand beneficiary of their efforts to stop the COVID-19 pandemic from claiming more lives than it already has.

The announcement which was made during the previous weekend had it that 25 percent deductions would be made from salaries of civil servants and top government appointees receiving above N67,000 to provide palliatives for the vulnerable citizens in the state.

Noting that since the onset of this pandemic over 40 healthcare workers across the country have been infected with coronavirus in the course of their duty the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has expressed their shock at the latest decision from the Kaduna State Government.

They has asked that the decision be reversed but instead the salaries should be complemented with hazard allowances and other incentives so as to avoid demoralizing the state’s health workers.

Other concerned Nigerians have also expressed the annoyance at the decision to cut down the salaries or the state’s health workers.

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See below what popular online doctor, Olufunmilayo Harvey had to say.

“El Rufai deducted 25% of the salaries of doctors and nurses in Kaduna state.

“Yes you read that right. A state Governor in the middle of a pandemic is cutting the salaries of health workers who are at highest risk of death from the virus.

“Why are nigerian politicians just mad?

“In sensible places, people are paying health workers more.

“Let’s NOT even go far, Ghana paid its health workers 50% MORE and also removed taxes totally.

“Russia paid its health workers more.
About 1,000 dollars extra per month.

“Lagos just paid 20,000 naira extra this month too.”

He continued:

“But Kaduna in its infinite stupidity felt that this is the time to CUT salaries of the same health workers who put their lives on the line on a daily basis just so that everyone else can be fine.

“And to think I expected better from that state govt. This is totally disgraceful.

“I don’t care what sort of silly justifications it may be for such an insensitive and wicked decision.

“But if you can tamper with the salaries of health workers right in the middle of a pandemic, you are an absolute inconsiderate cruel leader.

“There are no other words to say it.

“These people have children. They are not asking you extra pay. Some have families depending on them.

“Others are staying at home. They risk their lives daily going to work. And then you CUT their pay?

“The madness that drives nigerian politicians needs to be studied in schools.”

See below some responses to Dr Olufunmilayo’s comments.

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“Doctor, this can’t be true, is he insane? Those medical people should just resign en-mass, they should allow his rapist threaten son and co-accomplices wife to treat covid19 patients.”

“El Rufai? I least expected this from him. Atleast not after he was faced with the virus and being brought back to life by the same people”

“That’s wicked…. The kind of love we showing out health workers will encourage some to abandon clinics and hospitals in search of better pay!”

“I thought this guy is more educated than other northern governors. Why do we have dumbos ruling people in this country? It weakens my thought”

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