Nigerians React As Sunday Igboho Insists On Eviction Of Fulani People From Yorubaland Entirely

by on January 23, 2021

By Seun Adeuyi

Nigerians have reacted on social media, following the statement made by Chief Sunday Adeyemo, an agitator for Oodua Republic, better known as Sunday Igboho, insisting that Fulani people must leave Yorubaland.

Igboho on Friday visited Igangan, a town in the Ibarapa North Local Government Area (LGA) of Oyo State.

He had last week visited a Fulani settlement in Igangan, where he gave them a seven-day ultimatum to leave the area.

Igboho accused the Fulani community in the area of masterminding abductions, killings, and other criminal activities in the area.

But on Friday, Igboho did not fight the Fulani residents of the state as speculated on social media, but he insisted that Fulani people should leave the state, and the entire Yorubaland if kidnapping continues. 

His words, “Fulani cannot take over our land from us. We own our land and we won’t allow anybody to take it from us. Some people are intimidating us but we won’t succumb to their threat.

“For the Fulani living here, we are not fighting them, if they can live with us peacefully. Our fear is about Fulani taking over our land, kidnapping and killing our people. 

“We will evict them from our land if they insist on kidnapping our people. I am assuring Yoruba people, especially the residents of Oyo State that there is no cause for alarm. What we started today does not only have to do with Oyo State; we are going to evict Fulani people in the entire Yorubaland.”

Below are reactions TheBreakingTimes gathered from Twitter:

@AnthonyEhilebo wrote: “So the SouthWest now has its own Nnamdi Kanu???
Sunday Igboho..Has Emerged as the Black Cat Champion of the Yoruba Nation!!!
Buhari the Divisist!
Canker Worm
Destroyer of all he comes across…
True to script he will arrest him, and thereby make him famous

@fisayosoyombo: “When a govt sleeps while its people are abducted & slaughtered, the emergence of people like Sunday Igboho is inevitable.

“All the noise from the Oyo Gov against Igboho’s boldfaced declaration is just to save face. Wake up to your responsibility or watch a commoner take charge!”

@NekkaSmith: “It’s okay when Miyetti Allah threatens Nigerians on accepting RUGA or Igbos are asked to leave Kano but it’s not cool when a Sunday Igboho gives a marching order to killer Fulani Herdsmen in his community.May Political correctness choke you.”

@ayemojubar: “Sunday Igboho: There is antidote for every poison and there is a cure somewhere for every insanity. Fulani shouldn’t dare the Yorubas.”

@Psalmfigo1: “I may not support you in every other thing, but in battle of pursuing the Fulani herdsmen that have been killing, raping and extorting our people, Sunday Igboho, Yoruba race is behind you! 💪🏽”

@OndoFirstBorn: “There’s Sunday Igboho from Igboho, Oyo State today, if something is not quickly done about this herdsmen menace, there will be Sunday Ilesha, Sunday Akure, Sunday Iworoko, Sunday Abeokuta, Sunday Bariga who will rise up to protect their people from these criminal elements.”

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