Nigerians React To Video Of Buhari’s Visit To His Cattle Ranch Amidst Insecurity

by on December 14, 2020

By Adejumo Enock

Prior to unabated kidnappings, banditry and killings going on in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, still found time to pay visit to his cows in Katsina, saying or doing little about the abducted school students.

Sahara reporters posted a video of the President’s visit to his Cattle Ranch on Monday, this Video has sparked reactions by Nigerians on the Bird App.

See Reactions Below:

@MrPepperHenry1 said, “people are dying and @MBuhari is visiting cows!”.

@olasinle said, “I stayed around Fulani people , cows are more important than the soul of human soul. So inhumanity is nothing to em’ . Don’t let this surprise you peeps”.

@Haryomhikun said, “Wahala for who no be cow…”.

@destayo67 said, “Actually i am not surprised but the joke is on any southerner that still defend him. A lot of resources have been soent on defending his regime than defending the lives and properties he promised to protect after laying hand on the Koran and taking an oath”.

@sagysagir said, “We d northerns we r getting wat we deserve when Goodluck was in office we r saying he want kills us all he dnt care abt us cous he is not 4rm north n he is not muslim n our broda n muslim is incharge bt our people r been killed evry single day bt he is doing nothing bt condemn”.

Also see hilarious response given to one of Buhari’s supporter.

@SaniAbd39970560 said, “He is there to find relief of the tension in his head. How do u think he will feeling as a president things like this happened when he visited his home town. It isn’t easy u know”.

@Non_Tested replied, “How dare you convince us you dont have sense?😳😳”.

He also added that, “Your opinion is an insult to my supposedly meaningless contribution if compared. Its still an L for you. i never knew listening to the cows reliefs tension😂”.

@Devroye replied, “If he is normal he should have visited the crime scene to show genuine concern before going to meet his dear cows,but obviously he doesn’t care about human lives and went visiting only cows for that’s his life joy”

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