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by on March 12, 2016
Ondo State Medical Village is to begin Kidney Transplant services to further give a boost to the bouquet of services it offers patients around the country.
Governor Olusegun Mimiko was speaking on the successes recorded at the Village while inspecting the Ondo State University of Medical Sciences facility ‎ahead of it’s inauguration.
He noted that ‎the state renal transplant initiative committee has been set up to begin technical planning on commencement of kidney and organ transplant at the Medical Village.
‎Mimiko revealed that presently, the Ondo Kidney and Dialysis center situated in the Medical Village is the first in africa to discover and report the rare co-existence of lupus nephritis and Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease through its research drive.
“This is significant because all over the world, only 32 cases of this important disease complex have been reported. This report is soon to be published in Annals of African Medicine, an internationally recognized medical journal.” he said.
We also make bold to say that the center is the 2nd largest dialysis Centre in Nigeria in 2 years of establishment and arguably second only to St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos which however, has been in existence for decade‎s”
He added that the Mother and Child Hospital also in the Medical Village, ‎has recorded monumental achievements in less than four years of establishment to include accreditation at first attempt for Residency Training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology by the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria,
Certification as Research Centre by the Department of Reproductive Health & Research of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.
“The Mother and child Hospital, Ondo has Commenced Residency Training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology department, had Successful Accreditation visit by the Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of West African College of Surgeon as well as Successfuly Co-hosted with Ondo State Trauma Centre, Accreditation visiting panel of the Faculty of Radiology and Anaesthesiology of West African College of Surgeon and National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria”
He said the mother and child hospital ondo has successfully done more than 10,000 Safe deliveries including about 8000 normal deliveries and more than 2300 cesarean sessions.
Mimiko explained that the capacities of the various health facilities at the Medical Village have been strengthen such that they would competently facilitate 21st century training for students of the University of Medical Sciences.
“The running of Kidney Care Centre is premised upon the National Kidney Foundation guideline of team work in the care of the kidney patient which stipulates that there must be a standing Renal Team comprising of the Nephrologists, dialysis/transplant nurses, renal dieticians, Clinical Psychologists, social workers, and the dialysis technicians among others.”
‎”Our Kidney Care Centre produced the first set of indigenous Nephrology Nurse in addition to being is the only viable dialysis centre for infectious cases with capacity to dialyze patients with transmittable infections such as HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C‎”
“Also ‎At present, the Mother and child Hospital, Ondo has an Ongoing Exchange Programme Affiliation with the University of Iowa Hospitals
 & Clinics. Iowa, USA, one of the most globally recognized tertiary hospitals.‎”
Mimiko ‎emphasised that all these facilities. Manpower and best practices will make the students of the University of Medical Sciences favorably compete with their counterparts across the globe.
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