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    truth is bitter

    I’m weeping for kanu becos Igbos top politicians will at last betray him for their pocket,why i’m saying so is becos d northerners &south Westerners re treating igbos as their kids when Igbos re crying&agitate they will give them sweet&biscuit&they will take&shut up&they will forget d real reason of their crying,d meaning of that sweet is appointment into gov&biscuit is giving them money after taking all these they will turn against d reader of d crying group they will starting ruining insults&curses on d group,but after 2 to 3years they will sack all d appointees&they will got upset&form another agitating group that is why FG never take their agitations very serious

  2. 2

    United we Stand

    Some people are born to be remembered for great achievement in life, while some in history books. Some might leave to be forgotten. Western Education and exposure is not madness. That is what the black race fail to understand. Mr. Kanu, the choice is yours to decide the path choosen. This is Africa.

  3. 3


    Abysmal efford… You ‘ ll soon call a spade a spade. Shameful compatriout.. All igbos must vacate North bcoz on emmidiate’ before october 1st.

  4. 4


    Comment…I can see revolution coming up soon in Nigeria. Biafra is gathering momentum and for some they see it as a child’s play. A time is coming when Nigeria will be begging the Biafrans but it will be too late. The Nigeria of today is no longer the one of 1967. Believe my words or reject it but this is a reality to come. Restructuring which was thrown away before as a topic is now the topic of the day bcos of Biafran agitation. In the same vein, in no distant time Nigeria will be begging Biafrans for restructuring but it will be too late.

    1. 4.1


      Stupid Talk!!!!!!!!

  5. 5


    Ipob ur leader kanu is a small cockroach he don’t even know what is war mean?. History is trace by books, or symbols. ask ur father how its by the year 1966.

  6. 6


    I sense revolution around the corner in Nigeria, all the youths group in Nigeria even ariwa youths now challenges​ there governor’s and emir’s , the youths is up to something this time, ladies and gentlemen let’s wait and see what the youths is up to this time around,

  7. 7


    Comment…Even if Nnamdi KANU couldn’t actualise Biafra. Even if he crashes nd fall apart, I believe that God has used him in a great way to ginger Nigerians to discuss their problems nd look for a way forward. Our so called intellectuals nd politicians lacked the liver to speak up nd back it up with action. KANU has fearlessly led the way in confronting the monsters everybody was scared of. No doubt pours out invectives, makes hate speech, etc, but there is truth nd substance in his “rantings”. Nigeria and all its component parts will be a better place if we utilize this opportunity to discuss our problems as people genuinely nd take concrete actions to move Naija forward…

  8. 8


    Revolution in Africa will stert from easthern part of nigeria .

  9. 9


    The problem of Biafrians are not notherners or afeniferes but there kinsmen..few igbo politcians in the esthern heartland is a treath to future of igbo youths….there furkup must be treated…igbo youths mark the end of there wickedness…

  10. 10


    If Biafra is impossible then change in life will equally be impossible. Time speaks louder than voice of men. Nomatter hw diz struggle last it wil come 2 fullfilment. B4 nw there was nothing like naija nw we’v naija later it wil be something else. Revolution is a way of life dat many 4get. Kanu may or may not see Biafra but it is certain dat one day it wil come. Dnt 4get former Soviet union, UAE, SUDAN e.t.c and many nations who neva believe in division bt 2day they’r divided. God bless Biafra

  11. 11


    One Nigeria is a slogan that end on the lips of every Nigerian but practically we focus on our ethnic & religous difference daily. Within us is hate and injustice. Hypocrasy is wat we exibit in Nigeria, we kill one another and deny others equal opportunity in thesame country, muslims hate christians and believe in forcefull religion wile d hausa man believe he’s born 2rule 4ever. I pity naija. BIAFRA, ODUDUA, NIGER DELTA, MIDDLE BELT, and the NORTH shuld go their seperate ways pls. After all division is not a sin but wisdom and room 4development. Isreal left Egypt via God’s command.

  12. 12


    Comment…una never see anything O !all of you we hate Biafra go soon commit sucide because of Biafra!!!

  13. 13


    I know one day Biafra will come.No matter what we are facing in the hands of the enemy of Biafra but what I know is that Destiny can be delayed but it can’t be change.Biafra is a mandate from heaven that can be fulfilled. No one can change what GOD has destined to happened but just a moment of time and the time is at hand.Long live Nnamdi KANU!!! Long live republic of Biafra


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