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    may you live long my able leader. the likes of Ibrahim Dambo, animal in zoo uniform on mission to kill law abiding south easterners will soon be drown in the red sea. no more peace talks, we have to defend ourselves. peace talks are meant for cowards like yorobas.

  2. 2

    mr obateru

    Now am realizing why Great Mazi Nnamdi KANU called Nigeria zoo,,,Yes,he is very right,,,how can a President of a country wage war on his people,,President has never declare war on Fulani herdsmen that killed thousands of people,,,
    You can see clearly that Nigeria is going to an end

  3. 3


    Nnamdi kwuru gaba we are solidly behind you.i dont think Biafra will com without challenging Hawusa army.

    1. 3.1


      Uzo coward like u. Go and learn don’t be fooled by one useless cow called Nnamdi kanu ryt

  4. 4


    How many people were killed and buried just two days ago in plateau state?And how many soldiers deployed?Nigeria have been enjoying peace when he was away,and since he came back……..Nigerians open your eyes.A man over 80years has nothing to lose even if he plaque nigeria into war.His 15years daughter fly on first class,even when he bars our ministers not to do so

  5. 5

    prof. divine michael

    the current situation in abia is explicitly precarious and uncalled for…. even the least uneducated person in the north is abreast of the fact that biafran movement is and has been non-violent in nature…. judging from the modus operandi of Nigeria now , the only place that deserves military deployment is bornu state..

  6. 6


    Comment…igbos are inviting chaos with there own hands and if it started they cannot be able 2 stand cuz dey are only remnants. So for nigeria army to ex dem is a one minuts job


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