Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial Adjourned To December 1st

by on November 23, 2015

The State Security Service has asked an Abuja magistrate court to discontinue its case against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

The presiding magistrate, Usman Shuaibu, had issued an order for the bail of Mr. Kanu on the condition of presenting a surety of Grade Level 16 with a landed property in Garki or Wuse areas worth N20 million.  On resumption today, the prosecution counsel, Moses Idakwo, told the court the accused person was yet to fully meet the requirement for his bail.

He explained that the reason for Mr. Kanu’s continued detention in the custody of the SSS was his inability to fully meet the requirement for bail. He told the court that although the service had confirmed the office of the surety presented by the accused, the location of the surety’s plot was yet to be ascertained.

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Counsel to the defense, Vincent Obete, however informed the court about the affidavit before it, noting that the prosecution refused taking the necessary step to confirm the location of the surety’s plot of land.



“If it takes this long to confirm a mere location of a plot that is just next door to us in Abuja here, then we are in trouble,” said Mr. Obete.

Mr. Idakwo however told the court that the SSS had stumbled upon fresh information that had made the case outside the jurisdiction of the magistrate court. He therefore made an application based on section 108 sub section 1 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, that the case be discontinued and taken to a more appropriate court.

In response, another defense counsel, Jude Abojeh, said the court had given several orders to the SSS to release Mr. Kanu on bail to no avail. He noted that “whoever wants to come to justice should do so with clean hands”, saying since the SSS was asking for the discontinuation of the case, they should first comply with the orders of the court.

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He also told the court that Section 108 referred mainly to a directive by the Attorney General. “Your Lordship, there is no such order from the AGF  before the court,” he countered.


He argued that an order was pending before the court to be obeyed by the prosecution counsel, hence the prosecution could not bring an application before the same court it had disobeyed. Mr. Idakwo however argued that the section made a provision for an alternative if an order was not made to the AGF.

He said his client did not compulsorily need to get a directive from the AGF.

The magistrate therefore said he had taken note of all the proceedings concerning the disregard of his orders by the prosecution counsel when he asked for the confirmation of the location of the surety’s plot of land. He added that he had already signed the affidavit from the defense counsel noting his refusal to confirm the location of the surety’s plot.

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He said the court would look critically into the various applications and counter applications before coming up with its ruling. The case was therefore adjourned till December 1 for ruling.

Omolara Adegoke- Abuja

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  • stephen,o,Biafra guy
    November 23, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    corner list people,buhari has paid all of the law makers to go against KANU and Biafra’s including force personals,but i tell u that one day each one of u will pay and reap what h/sh sow that is for certain, pH aero must fall.


  • Rule So high
    November 24, 2015 at 1:34 am

    Comment…What a mess in Nigeria’s constitution,Prosecution Counsel challenging and disobeying Magistrates and Judges. Nigerians’stupidity and ignorance has been exposed before the world.


  • Obio
    November 29, 2015 at 5:36 am

    As far as I know the rule of law is bed rock of all nation. How can mr president be a leader if he has no respect for law. Mr president give it thought and free this young man Kanu. You are not making any progress in being stubborn and adamant to the ruling of law. If you think you have a back up from UK if Gods hands is with us you have no option. Biafra must be free when time comes. A lot of people are suffering in Nigeria and you claims to be a father and God sent . Please do somthing,free kanu and surrender if not you live to regret .


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