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    stephen,o,Biafra guy

    corner list people,buhari has paid all of the law makers to go against KANU and Biafra’s including force personals,but i tell u that one day each one of u will pay and reap what h/sh sow that is for certain, pH aero must fall.

  2. 2

    Rule So high

    Comment…What a mess in Nigeria’s constitution,Prosecution Counsel challenging and disobeying Magistrates and Judges. Nigerians’stupidity and ignorance has been exposed before the world.

  3. 3


    As far as I know the rule of law is bed rock of all nation. How can mr president be a leader if he has no respect for law. Mr president give it thought and free this young man Kanu. You are not making any progress in being stubborn and adamant to the ruling of law. If you think you have a back up from UK if Gods hands is with us you have no option. Biafra must be free when time comes. A lot of people are suffering in Nigeria and you claims to be a father and God sent . Please do somthing,free kanu and surrender if not you live to regret .


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