No Evidence to Show That Bukola Saraki Bought Undeclared Property

by on May 17, 2016

Michael Wetkas, a detective of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), on Tuesday, admitted that there was no evidence to show that Senate President Bukola Saraki bought a piece of undeclared property.

The property in contention is the one at 15 McDonald street, Ikoyi,  Lagos, which Saraki allegedly did not declare.

Wetkas, a witness of the prosecution, while being cross-examined by Paul Usoro (SAN), Saraki’s lawyer, also told the tribunal that he did not check if the records of the property were at the Lagos Land Registry.

Questioning the witness based on a joint inspection report of the EFCC and the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) of July 28, 2006‎ on the property, Usoro asked if the committee from which the defendant allegedly bought the property numbered the street.

‎Saraki’s lawyer: “The function of the implementation committee does not include numbering of streets. Does it?

‎Wetkas: “I don’t know that.‎”

Saraki’s lawyer: “You do know that the committee does not deal with private property?”

Wetkas: “Yes. It only deals with government property.”

Saraki’s lawyer: “Why did you go to the Lagos Land Registry?”

Wetkas: “For verification of property at 15A and B‎ McDonald, Ikoyi, Lagos.”

Saraki’s lawyer: “Are you aware that Lagos state government does not keep title deeds of federal government property?”

Wetkas: “I don’t know.”

Saraki’s lawyer: “Your inquiry to Lagos Land Registry how was it?

Wetkas: “It was in writing.”

Saraki’s lawyer: “Was the property in the reply of the registry?”

Wetkas: “I can’t recall.”

Saraki’s lawyer: “Did you check with them if they have a record of the property?‎”

Wetkas: “I didn’t check.‎”

Saraki’s lawyer: “Did you come across any document saying that the defendant bought personally the property in the course of your investigation?”

Wetkas:  “There was none.”

However, the witness went on to explain that the property was paid for through the account of Carlye Properties and Investment Limited, one of Saraki’s companies.

He claimed that 75 percent of the money was generated through a loan signed by the wife of the defendant.

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