No Good Deed Movie Review

by on September 30, 2014
No Good Deed is an entertaining thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat without giving you much to think about afterwards. Directed by Sam Miller, No Good Deed stars Idris Elba and Howard alum Taraji P. Henson. The movie follows Henson’s character, Terri, as she attempts to protect herself and her children from escape convict Colin Evans (Elba).

No Good Deed Movie No Good Deed packs a lot of thrills, with several scenes of gore punctuated by random bursts of music. The thrills, however, proved to be short-lived as the movie quickly grows tired over its 84-minute runtime and falls frequently into cliché. The movie follows the typical mode of most home invasion thrillers; the invader holds out on killing their victim long enough for the victim to try to fight back. The movie as a whole is predictable. Poor use of foreshadowing during the film’s scenes of exposition ensures that you’ll see its ending coming from a mile away.

The characters also have no depth and almost zero brains. Elba’s character, Colin, was little more than a psychopathic maniac. Elba’s performance keeps him compelling. The audience never learns why Colin Evans acts the way he does. Instead, we’re forced to rely on subtle nuances in Elba’s performance to try to give meaning to a depthless character. Depth is completely void in secondary characters, such as Henson’s husband, who leans heavily on stereotypes associated with black fathers.

The same can be said of Henson’s character, Terri, who initially seems to be an intelligent, cunning protagonist before falling into silly clichés that make the audience nearly break the grip of the movie stands. The Terri character repeatedly makes dumb decisions until the stage is set for the plot to unfold like any other thriller/horror movie.

The movie’s saving grace is its action sequences. The movie wastes little time diving into the plot, as seen in the opening scenes depicting Colin Evans’ escape. The movie is also unforgiving. The camera gives you front row seats to its harrowing violence.

If you are looking for a psychological thriller with both brawn and brains, then this isn’t the movie for you; however, if you’re looking for an entertaining diversion from your class work, then this movie comes highly recommended!

By Javon Ford

Source: The Hilltop

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