No More God-Fatherism In Customs Says Hameed Ali

by on November 4, 2015

Comptroller-general of the Nigeria Customs Service, Col. Hameed Ali (Rtd.) says the era of permanent posting to unit commands and departments in the Customs Service is over.

Col. Hameed Ali, reiterated that corrupt officers will not survive under him while he urged his men to be on guard. He also added that anyone who had spent up to three years in a unit should expect posting.

He emphasized the need for officers of the Customs Service to imbibe discipline in the discharge of their duties, saying the era of “god-fatherism” had ended and officers would have to work to earn their promotion.

“The general view of the public is that customs is the most undisciplined and corrupt service because of the nature of our job that needs to be addressed,”

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“All officers are under close watch because if any mistake is done by any unit command, it will register internationally and that is not good for the image of the service.

“You are not in customs to make money and enrich yourself but to work hard because if you are caught you must face the law. None of you should make me use you as an example; if your intention is to be corrupt then you cannot survive this time around”.

“No more god-fatherism in customs; you will earn promotion, not get promotion and for you to earn it, you must attain the qualification based on performance evaluation.”

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“We are hopeful of that and with the cooperation of all segments in our industry, commitment of people and now with the new management we have gotten in place, I am optimistic that we would achieve our goal.

“Fighting corruption, let me say, is not the job of customs alone; it is not the job of police; it is a job for everybody. So, if we as individuals are ready to rid our minds of corruption, I am sure our jobs would be very easy.

“Enforcement is again the second option; we must enforce; there must be punishment for infraction and reward for those who comply.”

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“We (customs) are working hard to meet our set target by the federal government, which is N944 billion for 2015,”

Col. Hameed Ali also visited stakeholders like the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), National Environmental Standard and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), and the Federal Inland Revenue Service to strengthen collaboration between the agencies to achieve a common goal of improving the economy.

Omolara Adegoke

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