North Korean Leader Did Not Have a Surgery – South Korea

by on May 3, 2020

North Korea’s Leader, Kim Jong Un did not have a surgery that kept him away for 3 weeks according to Yonhap, a South Korean Media outlet quoting a top Government official.

Reasons why the South Korean government believes he did not have a surgery were not given, but admitted that reports of his surgery were not true.

Kim was away for about 3 weeks, sparking Rumours about a death following a botched heart surgery.

North Korean Official Media ended the speculations with a report of Kim opening a fertilizer plant.

On Sunday, North and South Korean exchanged fire across border in the DMZ.

The shootings started when North Korean soldiers opened fire on a South Korean guard post at 7:41 AM local Korean Time.

The South Korean army announced four bullets were found on the wall of their guard post and fired 10 warning shots towards North Korea.

South Korea also broadcasted warnings to the North reminding them that they violated the 2018 Inter- Korean Military agreement when both nations agreed to stop all violent confrontations at the Border.

No casualties were recorded in the shoot out.

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