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    Egwu Franklin

    Comment…The only thing that will a lasting peace is when you Nlia Nwodo help in bring our leader,Nnamdi Kanu in a sound mood.Again,if the North should treat everyone equally.No one should be seen as second-hand citizen.If nothing outside is done,then no peace,i mean peace will be far fetched in this self-damaged nation.You can be killing us and espect to ae serenity. We are not cows,we are wiser than you think.In case you don’t know,this not IPOB things,but a mass revolution that will wipe both the North and the foolish Igbos that backs this evil against humanity.For crying out loud,what did we do to treated this way in our own nation?

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    Very wonderful move by the coalition of the youths . Don’t allow anybody or any group to derail you on this your noble cause . Imbibe the spirit of EQUITY AND JUSTICE BECAUSE PEACE IS ITS ONLY OFFSPRING . Some old men of my age my try to derail you by telling you , “THIS IS THE WAY WE HAVE BEEN DOING IT ” . Simply ask them politely , “AND WHERE HAS IT TAKEN US TO ” . I wish you success . In fact you will succeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .


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