Nova Whitfield Age, Mother, Bio, Net Worth, and Other Details

Nova Whitfield is a popular kid and daughter of DC Young Fly. She is a rapper, performer, and comedian and appeared on MTV’s Wild N Out. She is so cute and lovely young lady who has an angelic appearance. She always has a good time with her younger sister and takes pictures with her family. She has undoubtedly become the joy of many people’s lives for years.

Early Life

Nova Whitfield was born on 30th October 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is four years old, and her parents are Mr. John Whitfield and Ms. Jacky Oh. She also has a younger sister named Nala. Nova is a well-known celebrity child. Her mother, Ms. Jacky Oh, is a model and actress and participated in Wild N Out.

She is five years old and lives happily with her parents. John is not married yet. The couple met during the shooting for Wild n Out and started dating in 2016. Nova was her first child, born on 30th October 2016, and she welcomed the second kid on 7th August 2020. Her father also collaborated with other rappers, such as Karlous Miller.

Nova Whitfield’s Physical Appearance

Nova is currently growing age. Currently, her height is three feet and four inches, and she weighs 15 kg. She is a healthy and attractive kid.


The daughter of DC Young Fly became popular on social media after posting a YouTube skit. Besides, she appeared on MTV’s Wild N Out sketch comedy program. Her parents have already appeared in movies such as Armed and Dangerous, My Cousin’s Ghetto Wedding, and others.

In addition, the father of Nova worked with other rappers, such as Karlous Miller. Her mother is an amazing actress, model, and YouTuber. She appeared in the movie Wild N Out and some other movies. Not only this, she owns a business in the cosmetic line.

Nova Whitfield’s Net Worth

Nova is very little to make money at this time. Therefore, she is enjoying her parent’s wealth. Her parents own million of net worth. However, she can earn her own money through her YouTube channel in the coming years, as her account has reached over 166k subscribers.

This channel started on 29th June 2019 with the name Novalicious. Her Instagram account is also available under the same name, with 96k subscribers. Her parent’s net worth has reached $5 million, that’s she is living on it.

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