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    Obanikoro is a clown. Albeit a dangerous clown. The question to ask is if there is an iota of truth in the allegation. If there is any, then filing a million suits will not stop the fact that he is a cheap manipulator and should actually be behind bars with his co-conspirators.

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      So why is your propagandist running just for court papers and if he is right and real why running you treacherous animals.

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      The suit will determine who is telling the truth. Its also an opportunity for the whistle blower to prove his claims in court. Fabrication of information is abuse of press freedom, so take note.

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    Ayode Longe

    Obanikoro is really a clown. He knows full well that Omoyele Sowore lives in the United States from where he operates Sahara Reporters.

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    oyebanji wale

    obanikoro is a disgrace to lagosians and also he is an expensive tout.nemesis would catch up with u soon.


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