Obasa: Group Petitions Buhari, Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit To Investigate Speaker

by on May 24, 2020

Following allegations of corruption after 1 Billion Naira was discovered in one of the 64 accounts linked to Obasa which was leaked by Sahara Reporters.

A petition, in line with the whistle blowing policies of the Federal Government has been sent to Buhari and the Financial Intelligence Unit to investigate the speaker.

The discovery of the 1 Billion Naira in a single account which was accumulated after the Speaker’s first year in office was brought to light by the petition.

The group called on the Financial Intelligence Unit to investigate acts of gross financial misconduct, criminal breach of public first and abuse of office.

Obasa has come under heavy scrutiny recently as leaks show how he received state parliament funds for end of the year parties and no service rendered, nepotism through outsourcing contacts to his friends.

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Other allegations include the approval of 258 Million Naira for the printing of Invitation cards ( 2 months after event was held) and approving 51 Million for a four day leadership summit in Austria with 9 other persons.

There has been no word from EFCC and other financial corruption agencies on investigating the speaker so far.

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