#OccupyNASS | A Sponsored Political Smokescreen for Anti-Saraki Campaign 

by on April 25, 2016

We wish to alert Nigerians to some well-funded treacherous campaigns against the leadership of the Senate, specifically it President, Bukola Sarak, but disguised as public actions against the National Assembly. The sole aim of these groups acting under a name called Citizens United for Peace and Stability (CUPS) is to dubiously achieve what their pay master have been unable to see through at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

This campaign of calumny against Saraki is being coordinated with heavy war-chest by some top APC chieftains in Lagos and Kaduna States, working on the “Destroy-Saraki Project.” After losing the vicious online battle and the prospect of fumbling totally at the Tribunal, CUPS has now been procured for a hatchet ground rally against Saraki. Most of the placards already procured preparatory to these contrived rallies bore #SarakiMustGo.

Also in a desperate move to please it paymasters, CUPS, battling for public confidence, fraudulently listed the names of several organizations without their consent to achieve a most devilish intention. Recall that BudgetIT (a popular public accountability group) has just denied it participation in the politically orchestrated protest against the National Assembly. Sadly, BudgetIT has now been subjected to serious online blackmails and attacks for exposing the inherent fraud in the protests.

Interestingly, CUPS has further turned the planned protest to a campaign-racketeering, reaching out to other persons in the APC it thinks are opposed to Saraki, to corner more money. We have it on good authority that the group got some money for a protest in the United Kingdom but it failed to hold any rally and merely used some past pictures of gatherings to deceive it paymasters. We also gathered that disquiet is gradually setting in as it is becoming clear to other participants in this sponsored protest that it is merely an anti-Saraki project and a money making venture for the real owner of CUPS.

Until 48 hours ago when the burble bursts, CUPS has successfully scammed some other groups and unsuspecting Nigerians with a campaign disguised as sincere online protest to criticize the National Assembly over the purchase of some vehicles. But we make bold to say CUPS has a different agenda.

While on our part, we believe that our lawmakers must at all times act in the overall interest of Nigerians and judiciously spend scarce resources, it is however pertinent to note that the present National Assembly has shown more openness and transparency in the management of affairs than previous legislative sessions. We quite agree that it could be better, hence we will continue to urge all genuine groups and organizations to sustain their sincere advocacy toward ensuring  National Assembly do the right things at all times.

We therefore wish to enjoin well meaning Nigerians especially the youths to be weary of CUPS and it wicked agenda. The plan is to use them for a selfish political motive to score cheap political points. This rally is not about accountability but a sponsored political job against Senator Bukola Saraki to bring him down at all cost. If these ones are sincere, ask them why they didn’t join in protesting Against Presidency in Agatu genocide, Shi’ites massacre, IPOB killings, Budget of Yams and also the unabated biting fuel scarcity and exploitative electricity charges.

We must guide this democracy and ensure that it instruments are not used to derail governance or undermine institutions.  Nigeria is bigger than the interest of few who seek to control everything about us.


Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution – Co-Convener Ariyo-Dare Atoye – 08117411911

Middle Belt Youth Vanguard – Usman Okai

Policy Advocacy and Integrity Network Nigeria PAINN – Mesele Folu Joe

United Action for Democracy – Malik Shabbazz

Democratic Young Patriots – Alex Obisesan

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  • April 25, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    There is no need to pay anybody to campaign against Saraki. Nigerians have been taken for granted far too long. It is high time for any politicians to realise that it’s no longer business as usual. National assembly should be ashamed of its role in supporting just one person against over 170 million citizens of Nigeria. Could it mean that Saraki is BIGGER than NIGERIA. In fact , I’m appalled by the trend of events with the care free attitude of our Senators regarding the wellbeing of the masses.


  • Comr. Uk22
    April 25, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Wat a big shame and a slap on our youths, why must we be paid 2protest and why must we protest against saraki? Is saraki the cause of fuel scarcity, poor power supgly, unemployment and hunger?
    Wit due respect 2our youths i dnt expect us 2be bias and used by any political godfather who will neva use his own children in dis protest. All the arms of our government has failed us, the executive, legislators and the judiciary and not SARAKI, PLS NAIJA YOUTHS BE WISE


  • Comr. Uk22
    April 25, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    The easiest and better way 2knw hw 2solve naija or contribute in diz issue is 2study NAIJA CONSTITUTION and knw wat it said and not SARAKI. Saraki didnt ask buhari not 2sign our budget and on omission buhari is expected 2send supplementary budget wich is wat our constitution said and wil neva affect execution. Pls Nigerians are suffering our youths shuld protest at presidential villa and not NASS.


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