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    prayer is the master key.

    Comment…the imbalancies can not be achieve through a mere social media action is the only way out of all this manence or continue maltreatment on the people from the southeast , our leaders has failed us so many times we the youth(southeast) must always know that we all have a responsible role to play becos nigeria is not ment for hausa/fulanis alone we must fight back or give what its takes to reclaim what our fore father lost during the cilvil war -fair play in appointment,even distribution of investor to all the political zone for equal develoment and noth located in the southwest and north only,developmental capital protect must be allow to carryout function well in all the part of the country and not on a particual place e.g sea port,air port,all the govt economic bix must be spread to all the major stake holder in all the political zone and not concerntrate it on the hand of one paticular region e.g oil block etc.

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    Imo Chukwuemeka

    There is no reason to cry, all we need do is authorize all the state owned Universities in the South East to admit any student that is interested to further his or education whether they score high or low, simple. We can also go further by compelling Federal Universities within our region to do same. Enough of complaining, you will agree with me that most of the Governors in the south east are nothing but empty brags especially that of Ebonyi state. He is always in the forefront of condemning our youths in order to be in the good book of Buhari, shame.

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    the same federal government that promote hate policy is the one against hate speech.How would you expect the ten year old from abia state discriminated against at ten to be singing “love speech” at twenty?
    that is why nigerians remain the only citizens in whole world that dont love their country.What you sow is what you reap.The rulers (not leaders) sow hate and reap hate speech


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