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  1. 1

    Dan PortHarcourt

    Fr Mbaka should only pray for the leaders and not dabling himself into politics and unnecessary prophecy to a politician that doesn’t know the value like buhari, or else he faces risk of destroying his ministry

  2. 2

    master Key.

    Comment…Mr. Chris Eluemunor should re-examine his concise for mentioning a man of God’s name and mind the way he talks. It’s now that he knows that Mr. President is trying. He behaves like a sycophant and miscreant. He is not even qualified to be an elder talk more of involving himself in ohaneze ndi igbo.

  3. 3

    marcel orazulike

    This is serious, oya buhari come to nzaku to meeet our highest native doctors because I know you wont care for holy water

  4. 4

    Okpe Jeff

    Mbaka’s prophecy is fake, and Ohaneze’s chieftain speech is hypocritical, they are both seeking recognition., so they should fuck off !!!

  5. 5


    Alhaji mbaka hw far? Just expose urself with ur useless prophecies. I urge bishop onaga to suspend mbaka d most failed priest who has brought shame to the entire priesthood in the world tru His useless prophecies.

  6. 6


    The so-called Ohanaeze Ndigbo is just looking for money as usual. Nigerians shld be weary of d antics of dz group of criminals and cultists.

  7. 7


    Ohanaeze should rather shutup and stop contradicting the secret the man of God has revealed. They cannot trick Nigeria and the government of buhari into believing that they re in support of his government where as they and the enemy of Nigeria ‘re looking for way to bring PMB govt down by anyway. PMB should be careful of the enemy not to have their way by just mere tricking him because they will be the 1 to have wild celebration if he died or his government crumble

  8. 8

    orogwu john

    Comment…ever since, what has ohaneze ndi Igbo done for ndi Igbo and Nigeria in general??? I challenge them, can they for once proudly oppose or support one regime without bias? individualism will continue to mar this country until God decides the contrary, because corruption is beyond any leader’s control in this country.


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