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    joseph Ochi

    Omojuwa is a coward n will pay dearly

  2. 2

    joseph Ochi

    Hmmmm he needs to repent

  3. 3


    This is so true. I have watched Omujuwa for quite a while now. His shallow, conceited, and uncultured mind will surely take him in the direction and to the destination he deserves. A true country, which Nigeria should become, surely does not need people like Omojuwa. It is a big embarrassment and painful to know that he has such a huge followership on Twitter and majority of them are gullible and being indoctrinated into such negative nature. He is in the same boat as Ogundamisi and El-Rufai. I believe as this article has surmised, that these 3 shall get their natural reward for preaching hate and anger to the gullible, and making Nigeria Twitter and by extension the media and the nascent society we leave in, a very hate-filled and bitter one.

  4. 4


    It is too late in the day now to call for a united front, they started the move of destroying and humiliating the sanctity of the presidential seat. We begged them then they refused now they want all to forget and allow by gone be by gone?never!!! Until PMB decides to ban SM we won’t stop because he was a beneficiary of this monster.

  5. 5


    Silly post. First law of leadership is the law of the lid according to john Maxwell. it says someone with a leadership quotient of 10 can never stay under someone with a leadership quotient of 8. 10 being the highest. so if omojuwa has a higher leadership quotient than gej he can’t be led then by gej. Those who think gej was a great leader either benefitd from his regime or are a total dunce. Hope u publish this comment but i doubt it .

    1. 5.1


      You still living in the past. GEJ is out. Take correction. Honour your country. If your President is a goat then you must be worth less than a mouse. Nigerian image should be protected by all. More over, he is a grand father. It was very unAfrican. The childish noisy jubilation after GEJ rigged himself out of office is no longer sensible. Over 60 Nigerians died from BH within PMB’s 1st 7 days. Have you prayed for him to succeed? This article is a master piece.


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