OP-ED| The Magician And His Magic Wand By @Naija_Senator

by on November 25, 2015

May 29th was an historical day for a lot of people: those that voted the magician and those that was knew magicians don’t run the economy.

6 months later, the country now parades two sets of people: the wailers and the hailers. The hailers celebrating the magician believing he has all the answers to the complex brouhaha that has besieged the economy for years while the wailers shouting that the desired “CHANGE” should materialize.

Many promises most unrealistic were made to get into power, unhealthy alliances were made to oust the incumbent and  secretly the future of the land was mortgaged  on the altar of selfish personal ambitions.  Yet in all these The Magicians’ wand has failed to do the magic.

You promised quick fixes in all moribund sectors of the economy so I will quickly do an analysis of some of them. The Security of the Land. 100 days was all you asked for to destroy the canker worm created by a segment to fight the land and Dr Pella of our time, the great Magician under your watch, we have the great Privilege of having the two terror groups one at the Number one position and the other at the number four on the world list killing innocent lives, destroying their properties without fear, maybe because you are their grand patron?


Those things that were news back then are no longer news. For the first time in the history of the land, 105 soldiers got missing yet our Magician can throw his wand to bring them up. Those who shouted Bring Back our Girls couldn’t say anything about Bring Back Our Soldiers because the Magician’s wand has bewitched them. So much for the Ex- General who promised to lead from the front.

Second, let’s look at the economy. Today the 24th of November, 1.4 million jobs has been lost excluding those that would be lost before the close of today. You promised 3 million jobs in a year, what a demonic contradiction. I believe only those who voted against you were affected. States are no longer viable, bail out funds to selected states and politically inclined. Our economy was indeed better compared to the last administration even your hailers confirmed this.

Last for now, the hailers voted on your highly “media-lized” perception of Mr Integrity despite some few billions of dollars went missing under your watch sorry. I forgot you are the great magician; you can make things disappear and reappear at your convenience, so they expected integrity though we know you are fooling them in the fight against corruption. We expected Kirikiri to be full now with the likes of NOI, Diezaini, Adesina and infact Fashola, Amaechi and their many likes. To the dismay of your ignorant hailers, you choose to choose those you would fight.

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Least of all, Uncle Lie sorry uncle Lai said we should control what we write about the government, I never knew Uncle is now the President of National Association of Nigerian comedians. So hilarious an old man.

Someone said I should talk about the youthfulness of your ministers, the hardship in the economy, the fuel scarcity raging into a month now, the directional insanity of your government, your failed electoral practices in Kogi, My God Mr Magician you need 21st century enchantment codes. Mr Magician, of a truth your magic wand has failed its set time to use the economic strategy wand.

Lies and Propaganda took you into power and the ignorant you, wants to continue on that path. Come on Mr Magician economies don’t grow on propaganda they go through programmes and sincerity.

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This is my humble submission – all wailers are Nigerians; yes it might have a little to do about the loss but that was some 7 months ago, we all want Nigeria to be better but with your dictatorial attributes, regional alignment and direction-less virtues, we will continue to wail until THE SCAM CHANGE you promised becomes THE REAL CHANGE.

To our leader, Governor Ayo Fayose the voice you use in wailing won’t be silent and to the fellow wailers, WE ARE NOT MUGU’s.

THE MAGICIAN is outdated.

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