by on June 24, 2016
In May 2015 when Mr Muhammadu Buhari succeeded the seat of the president Federal Republic of Nigeria in the March of that year’s election, a lot of people threw party in the air and walk on the waters and rolled out drums on the streets that a no-nonsense army general has become the president of Nigeria. This was owing to the quest at that time that since Nigeria got her independence, no ‘politically willed’ person has ever mounted that exalted seat. People, well a set of people from a particular section of the country were of the view and hoped that Buhari would change the ‘face’ of Nigeria to be glowing in all her facets of governance from the glooming state of mediocrity many Nigerians thought the Goodluck Jonathan administration left it at. But since the ‘no-nonsense general’ mounted the saddle, things have not changed for good, rather it changed for worse.

There have been political chaoses in the administration of the no-nonsense general President Buhari than we ever experienced in the administration of the ‘none politically willed’ Graduate Jonathan. At least, Nigerians were sure of a seating president during the ‘none politically willed’ Graduate Jonathan’s reign than a ‘no-nonsense general’ President in absentia we have today in Buhari. And the PDP is not even helping matters at all!!

Nigerians were talking about kidnappers and looking at the blues as where the kidnappers are, but the true kidnappers are not farfetched. The true kidnapper is the APC. The APC has many times kidnapped the President of Nigeria to who-knows-where without letting Nigerians know where their No-Nonsense Politically Willed General President Buhari was, upon that they continued shouting on top of their voices for the APC to tell them where Buhari was. The APC has many times kidnapped the state-of-the-health of the President Buhari till recently it was revealed that he was sick of an ailment that only the encyclopaedia contains. And who is even sure of that!

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Not even the rule of law and obedience to the due process has been really seen exhibited by those in the political echelon of Buhari’s administration, and even the Buhari is not excluded. It is true that most of us fought for democracy, but the happenings in Nigeria today is revealing that rarely are we all democrats. How can Buhari boast as a democrat whereas he is finding it difficult to write a (common) letter to the confusionists-in-chief in the National Houses directing that the seating-duck mere commissioner should act as the Acting President in his absence?

The buffoons in the persons like the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami has always exhibited the rarest exhibition of goons in the defence of (his job) the ‘No-Nonsense General President to the detriment of over One Hundred and Fifty Million Nigerians. Even, the Graduate Legislators allowed the insensible Aisha Buhari to be acting nonsense around all the corners of power forgetting that the self-acclaimed office of the First Lady is no office in the Nigeria’s history as far as the 1999 Constitution upholds, which she is even planning to truncate. Aisha is power drunken and needs exorcism from the spirit of power intoxication!

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It is sheer sabotage to the country called Nigeria and Nigerians to see those who claim to be Graduates acting so foolishly because of their self-aggrandizement in a democracy. This has been the contention by yours truly that not even the much touted democracy world over can save any country, but good governance. This is because democracy, like the Nigeria’s example harbours nepotism, oligarchy, anarchy, Marxism etc. in this democracy.

There has not been transparency, at all, in a democracy that saw to the untimely deaths of many Nigerians today. No one is even talking about those who were incarcerated in several occasions for the attainment of this democracy. Not even a day of honour could be mapped out in obeisance for their efforts. This could be why hardly many so called Nigerians wouldn’t want to die for Nigeria but would want to die for their ethnicity. And dichotomy has been the bane of this country which is ram shackling following the hand of Buhari and APC on the wall of Aso Rock, a den of corruption.

What this ‘No-Nonsense General’ President Buhari’s administration has exhibited so far should teach Nigerians a lesson of always looking for the content and not the container. Many of our heroes in the past rarely had one or two academic certificates, but they exhibited rare governance many of those who wear GRADUATE as a garb in this country today can exhibit.

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Nigeria can only be good when we are able to boast of many educated men than many certificate men. Many of us cannot even defend our certificates.

The many cases of alleged corruption in the country’s citadel of power is even more alarming than the tales of the alleged looting of the 16 years of PDP reign. The height of it all is the involvement of the wife of the president in a scandal that landed a US congressman in jail. Today, we are hearing of another cesspit of fraudulent moves made by the Chief of Staff to the President who claims that he has always been allergic to corruption having dipped his hands into the fine paid by Multinational Telecoms Company MTN to the Nigerian Government. The arrest of a presidential aide with $1,500,000 cash in his house is more than just daylight robbery and yet some states cannot afford to pay salaries to their civil service while their leaders live large and cruise in bug cars and go to town hall meetings preaching Change to hungry and dying people.
Chinedu Eya is a businessman and a Nigerian

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