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    oby ntoooo,akwa onye isi gwara gi agwa.ntooo,nmee,chai ntoo

  2. 2


    oby,oby,lee anyam rasia,nmee gi

  3. 3


    its because of idiots like the writer of this stupid piece that Nigeria is so backwards. Oby God will bless your generations not just you. Keep fighting for what you believe its right, Truth has no ethnic or religious coloration. Bless you Oby You are a hero

    1. 3.1

      Ifeanyi Loveday

      Comment…Pls thanks for recognizing her and her belief too, but advice her to start a campaign against the Fulani herdsmen and their unpleasant activities on Nigerians. This will help a long way, especially to the western world’s attention.

  4. 4


    Comment..Lesson,.any ibo man that refuses nnamdi kanu’s wise counsel before taking any political step is on his own.every so called ibo leader should eat the humble pie and acknowledge him as president of biafraland.

  5. 5


    Mr Chucks what point ar u trying to make here? That our dear Madam Oby was wrong by initiating the BringBackOurGirls campaign? No, I disagree. She did it not for anything other than for humanity and womanhood all over the world. Madam Oby is a mother that knows how it hurts to have teenage daughters spend one hour in the hands of brutal terrorists. Not to talk of 2years. It doesn’t matter what feeble minded folks like u say. She should go ahead with the good work. God Almighty will bless her.

  6. 6

    Azu bike

    Oby ole e way .i told u..


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