OPINION By Sadiq Umar Abdullahi: Electricity Tarrifs/Fuel Price Hike, #EndSARS Protests, A Pathway To Future Uprising; Revolt In Nigeria


The reaction against the EndSARS protest by Nigerian youth, civilians and the Federal Government was an unforeseen conflict intertwined with the theft and destruction of public property.

“We are not limited to the boundaries of the oppressor ‘s propensity for such heinous acts, yet the innocent were also targeted. However, both descriptions were equally not welcomed. but this has described the unquantifiable rage of the youth and masses of Nigeria”.

“They were offended by the dilapidated structure and how to appreciate all sectors intended for the general citizenry. Sadly, none was favorable. The education sector is a rickshaw, and academic scholarships are not helpful either. Poverty is a profoundly rooted capsule in the foundations of society and that of the masses, unemployment continues to be overwhelming, corruption remains a monster, and poverty continues to intensify”.

These issues seemed to digest too much, and it was too narrow to throw the hole to purge it all out. The EndSARS organization gave the people a door to wipe out all their frustration that led to a negative confrontation.

Looking back, the lessons to be taken away are that young people have shown the government that they are more than willing to mobilize themselves to seek a target and talk back to the highest hierarchical forces in the nation and gain victory with the exception of small setbacks inside their ranks as the EndSARS demonstrations were hijacked by hoodlums, thereby making it violent.

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The current rise in electricity tariffs from 22 naira per unit to 66 naira per unit, which amounts to a 200 percent rise, will not sit well with the already aggravated masses who, as a result of the EndSars protests, put the nation to a stand still.

The rise in the price of electricity would lead to an increase in all basic livelihood needs, from food products to other goods, which will give the masses no choice but to revolt against the government, factories and private sector.

In such turbulent times facing the nation, one must wonder where and what the regulatory commissions, (NERC), the Consumer Protection Agency, the National Assembly as citizens’ representatives and the Nigerian Labour Congress stand for. Their inability to act against such unrealistic provocation and economic decadence will certainly lead to a massive scale of civil unrest that has never been seen before, which will undoubtedly destabilize the whole nation.

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The country ‘s condition is getting more worrisome by the day. There’s a increase in food costs, and it seems like fuel is just about entering the queue. The federal government should pursue all avenues in order to negate the possibility of increasing electricity tariffs and fuel prices in the observed antecedents that transform things helter-skelter in the country, as this will pump more desolation to the people and the results may have the possibility of detrimental effects on a devastating scale.

The youth are uncontrollably outraged, and as it stands, Nigeria doesn’t have to give them the reasons for seeing revolution as an choice.

The recent protest has broken loose circumstances that provide enough space for the enemies of the country to strike it in the southeastern and southwestern regions of the nation with the likes of secessionist groups such as IPOB and the newly emerged Oduduwa Republic.

“If the federal government fails to listen to the outcry and anger boiling in the hearts of the masses, nonviolent demonstrations can be expected with millions of people on the streets, which would certainly grow into a volatile state that can not be managed by less than 800,000 security personnel across all six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which would be too late to depend on. A stitch in time they say saves nine”.

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“If we are to engage the government in peaceful demonstrations with the Nigerian youth and pressure groups, now is the time. Government should therefore see prevention of same antecedents in the ongoing #EndSARS protest”.

The Nigerian government should not only resort to criticism, it should also take preventive steps. This does not mean limiting citizens’ expression of speech or freedom, but it is important to take into account reasons that boil down to the core of all causes when antagonizing government action. Through doing so, it would be evident that a lot of resources is being mainstreamed in order to devote those efforts, which involves a general redesign of the governing machinery institutional structure.

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