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    Pst. Larry Hover

    Thank you. @MrFixNigeria that was an erudite piece, keep the flag flying my broda. Truth hurts, and needs to be communicated. I agree to the Reformation of PDP. Please Muazu should resign/ step down, we have credible young professionals in the PDP. My take is to see the party move forward, but for that to effectively take place we must first remove self gain. We need to bring power (back) to the people . @NexGenPDP

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    Michael Ijere

    The PDP was already re-engineering itself, but lost to the sectionalist power-seeking onslaught aided by a partial umpire. There is nothing bad in the PDP you cannot find worse in the APC, what the PDP requires now is an eloquent and powerful leader to reposition itself for the mistakes of APC

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    I’ve never really agreed with your ideologies on a number of issues but on this, i salute your courage, boldness and non-partisanship. This is what i have always expressed. The good thing you guys have a good opportunity to rebuild and most of all rewrite your names on the sands of time. I’ve always screamed at rooftops, you can’t used advertising to sell a bad product more than once. A good product advertises itself. I’ve never been a card- carrying member of a political party, but i can tell you there are lots of loopholes in APC. Weakness on their parts presents an opportunity for you. Do you homework and catch them napping. Maybe, we can start to agree again… Long live Nigeria


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