OpinionDrive Launches First Online #COVID19 Survivor’s Experience Survey


United kingdom (Uk) based firm, OpinionDrive Limited has launched a coronavirus survivor’s experience survey to get data it hopes will help researchers and governments across the globe understand certain traits possessed by people who survived the deadly disease.

The survey allows for anonymity and aims to analyze the various lifestyle, environment, genetic makeup, health history and experience of Covid-19 survivors to determine if there is some pattern or common traits shared by these persons which could have contributed to their ability to overcome the virus.

OpinionDrive Limited hopes to share the data from the survey with relevant research institutes and government agencies to help in the development of a possible cure or vaccine.

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With over 3 million persons now infected globally, over a million recoveries and about 300,000 deaths, the disease has become a threat to humanity.

This calls for urgent response and OpinionDrive Limited believes understanding the virus from the perspective of survivors could play a vital role in fast tracking a cure or vaccine.

The human body naturally responds to antigens by producing antibodies that fight unwanted substances in the body. This way your immune system maintains a defense and keeps you safe.

Understanding what reactions survivors have, their medical history and what medications used while fighting to beat the disease becomes essential in the development of a cure for the virus.

The survey is segmented to cover these key areas of the survivors’ experience with the virus without violating their privacies.

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OpinionDrive Limited was founded in 2017 as a patriotic response to the lack of probable data which should enable electorates make informed decisions in the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa.

By gathering user responses and coordinated surveys, the company was able to streamline, through distinctive data collation, over 104 candidates in the 2019 elections in Nigeria.

This gave the Nigerian electorates a clearer perspective to the candidates and fueled an informed decision at the polls.

As a data mining and analysis firm, OpinionDrive Limited helps businesses and government agencies graft valuable data needed to make informed decisions.

This survivor’s experience survey is live on the company’s website at www.opiniondrive.com and Covid-19 survivors across the globe can visit to tell their stories with the disease.

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