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  1. 1

    Adeoye Kehinde

    Pdp should leave the vp alone. They are just mad cos no 1 could singularly boast of doing as much as what the vp is doing.

  2. 2


    This is rubbish, the VP did not go there to do that kind of things, he has gone to visits the peoples there, is it wrong for him to go there since this while, when he has not been there, you people are complaining, what is now your problem, i know you will not Prevail, i see the Present government is doing all there best to make things right and God will help them.

  3. 3


    PDP is totally confused and becoming nuisance., how could A kindly visit by the vice president osinbajo could be regarded as been a political motivated. when even the election is still remain as far as 8 months to go. pdp should just go and buried their head in shame.

  4. 4


    Political gimmicks again! The vice president has visited the state and assured them of peace and all the opposition could say is that its window dressing. What significant thing did they do when people were displaced in the north during their administration. The only thing PDP does well is blame game

  5. 5

    Adeyemi Evidence

    PDP will never see any better thing/move still believe in milking and loot fund anything humanity is non of thr bussiness.but when the Oppostion rise to the needful and stop playing politics with incessant killings in Benue state.Only a Evil being will derive pleasure in killings of the masses

  6. 6


    am not suprise its coming out from PDP we all know dem to be a confusionist party,how will u say the visit to benue is a strategy to get more votes for 2019?for this thing you have said i will still vote for APC come 2019 and am sure they will still win by the grace of God .


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