by on February 15, 2018

By Femi Adesola


In the next 7 month, September 22nd to be precise, the good people of Osun state will decides who  succeed Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the forth democratically elected  Governor of the state. The next Governor of the state; who will saddle the affair of the  state in the next four years or beyond. Names of  potential candidate has been bandied around, posters, billboards, local mobilizations at top gear and political permutations at it’s peak. By general calculation or rotation Osun west senatorial district Is expected to produce the next Governor. But not politically certain as the rumour having it in the beer palour and other places that the favorites of the Governor who is the current chief of staff is from the central senatorial district. Although We can only take it as ordinary beer parlour talk until after primary election is concluded.

Over the last few years a lot has happened within the ruling party (APC) and the major opposition party (PDP), both suffering from internal democracy, massive impunity and inability to conduct free fair and credible Congress that will produce the executive from the ward level to the state level. Their is massive division, dichotomy between the home based and the so called  foreign  based politician in the APC. Although the problem might be half solved as far as APC is concerned because the Governor who’s also the leader of the party in the state already had his way in the last ward Congress by voting out party official that are not loyal to him and other perceived enemy  that might be the clog in wheel of selecting  who will succeed him as the Governor.  As far as PDP is concerned internal democracy is still the bane they were unable to conduct ward congress, they are sharply divided along Soji Adagunodo faction and Bayo Faforiji/Omisore faction. There are possibilities of emergence of third force for safe abode from outcast or disgruntled element from the two major parties who are outnumbered by the majority, politics is the game of number so they say.

Their might be possibilities of another force where  in the last few weeks we saw the emergence of the movement called coalition for Nigeria, engineered by former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and spearheaded by the immediate former Governor of the state Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola. one still wonders whether it’s a political party in the making or a sociopolitical political movement or a civil society organization. Osun elections might be their litmus test to show case their popularity and strength. We don’t need a political party of saint and Angels. We need political party with ideology and candidates with realistic programs and we should be weary of politics of  Bandwagon’s and look out for special leadership qualities from the candidates.

The corridors of our public life are littered with opportunists and greedy self centered dying politician who are ready to grab power by all means and it is settled that we need those who have genuine stake in the state and will make effort to create a society that everybody will have a taste of good and balanced  governance. it is also settled that  we need a political party with clear and  ideological commitment and candidate with realistic program, which is the trick that will expose lack of direction of lots of our politician, deathlessness of most of those who make loud claim top scholastic attainments or those who speak fluent and big grammar that will not necessarily translate to good governance.

Good people of Osun must watch out and we must not confuse champions for leaders, nor prominence for pre eminence. We must not confuse eloquence for honesty, neither must we confuse silence for wisdom. We must not confuse good looks for efficiency nor bravado for courage. We should look out for a leader who  see himself and act as servant of the people, not their masters, a leader that will ensure fairness and equity to the various group, a leader who will be trusted friend of the people and protectors of disadvantaged and oppressed. We required leader who will have right judgement of the people and of situations. We want leader who must be accountable to the people. We want leader who must be fanatical for the peoples welfare and must all time stand for justice and symbolize good government

Above all Osun state needs a smart and intelligent person with an experience in financial engineering and with reasonable fiscal responsibility,  someone that will improve the internally generated revenue, debt negotiations and debt servicing experts, someone that’s in touch with reality on ground, listen to people yearnings and aspirations, shapes them in to policy that will affect lives of the people. We should look out for Someone that will take human welfare serious balanced with infrastructural development, someone that will leverage on our massive tourists potential and accumulation of solid minerals  and agricultural potentials, someone that will identify areas of revenue generation and investment opportunities in the state and provide useful  business information on them to attract potential investor and private sectors to reduce unemployment to the nearest minimum to breakaway from civil servants state to one of the largest economy in Nigeria.



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