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Over 10000 refugees from Cameroon sheltered in Benue State – FG

by on January 11, 2018

No fewer than 10,000 refugees fleeing from political crisis in the Republic of Cameroon are being sheltered in two different camps in Benue State, the government has said.

The refugees, who were mainly women, children and the elderly, were in need of humanitarian assistance, especially food, medical care and shelter. This challenge, according to the state government, was coming when efforts were being intensified by the government to tackle incessant attacks on people of the state by armed Fulani herdsmen, who invaded and killed residents of Guma and Logo communities following implementation of the Anti-Open Grazing Prohibition Law by the state.

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While addressing journalists on the humanitarian situation in the camps, the Executive Secretary of Benue State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Mr. Emmanuel Shior, unveiled the government’s plans to merge and relocate the two refugee camps from their current locations in some primary schools to Monkwav in Kwande Local Government Area of the state for easy access.

Shior lamented constraints by the state government to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees whose numbers were increasing by the day and called for immediate intervention of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other humanitarian organisations.

Some of the refugees- Aya Moreis, Ongono Endurance and Osa Ferdinand Tersoo told the visiting team that they were victims of political marginalisation in the Republic of Cameroon. The refugees, who thanked the state government for providing them with food, shelter and security, however, appealed for more assistance in the area of healthcare, water supply and clothing materials.

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  • January 11, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Killing fellow human being by any one (being it Fulani herdsman, Tiv, Berom, Jukun, Bachama militia) is a crime and shall be stopped in Nigeria. Stopping this calamity is a great task since people are viewing it in political, ethnic and religious perspective. Secondly, the crisis started long time ago, a vast history is attached to this crisis.

    For example, Zamfara state (a Fulani dominated state) has been affected by this crisis more than any other state in the country. There was a day, where over 300 people lost their lives in a gathering trying to address the so called problem of farmer-herdsmen clash! Are these people not having the same religion or are they not from the same ethnic group? Another example, a district head in Faskari local government (Katsina State) was killed in 1991 on trying to mediate in the crises that involved farmer-herdsman clash! The genocide committed in Zaki Biam during OBJ administration and many other ones that are recently published by the presidency. This further indicate the long history of this crises signifying that it is not politically originated but still people are trying to blackmail the present administration.

    Herd of cattle is a wealth, some bad eggs within the host community attacked these herdsmen and go away with their cattle. Farmers also plant on some paths that are marked as a passage (route) of cattle. On the other hand, some bad eggs within the herdsmen destroy the farms belong to host community, this causes crisis and can led to the lost of lives. As a result of these reasons and many more (not mentioned here), the host community kills herdsmen and herdsmen also kill the members of the community. The herdsmen have the habit of taking revenge whenever one of them is victimized.

    Now, do you think that arming the host community by the politicians will solve this problem. If yes, then every Nigerian citizen shall obtain arms for self defense and there should be a legislation for that. But we shall remember, this is exactly what makes Zamfara state to be worst affected by this herdsmen-farmer clashes! We shall be ready for the consequences, since, the herdsmen have no permanent settlement, they will be less affected. Through proffer plan and determination this problem can be solve if we forget about personal sentiment and differences among ourselves.


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