Over 60 Jihadists Killed In Burkina Faso Violence

by on April 19, 2020

Over 60 jihadists lost their lives in tit-for-tat violence attack between communities in the province of Soum Burkina Faso, on Thursday, Boko Haram Expert, Edward said, on Saturday.

The fight was between fighters of ISIS in the Sahara and fighters of Jamāʿat nuṣrat al-islām wal-muslimīn (JNIM) in Arbinda and Nassoumbou, Burkina Faso.

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Burkina Faso and neighboring Mali have seen a spike in ethnic clashes fueled by Islamist militants as they seek to extend their influence over the Sahel, an arid region between Africa’s northern Sahara and its southern savannas.

Islamist attacks have risen in recent months, and the violence has reignited longstanding tensions between communities as certain groups are blamed for collaborating with the jihadists.

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