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Oyegun, Very Incompetent, Destroying APC – Timi Frank

by on May 8, 2016

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the ruling party, APC, Timi Frank, has blamed the internal wrangling within the party on the party’s Chairman; Chief John Oyegun who Frank accused of gross incompetence. Speaking in a recent interview, the APC spokesperson also alleged that Oyegun’s inability to bring the APC family together and resolve a number of critical issues within the ruling party is destroying the ruling party. “The APC I belong to today, sorry to say, has made Nigerians to start thinking twice: ‘Is this a party we can trust?

A party that cannot allow a process to take place! So, it’s a very sad one,” he added. He also alleged that it is because he came from the PDP that is why the leadership of his party has refused to allow him speak for the party in acting capacity. On the crisis rocking his party, Frank, however, called for a true reconciliation committee that will ensure a united party. He said: “I believe for some of us that came from the PDP, we’ve not been treated fairly. Tell me, if this party (APC) has been treating us well, why would they refuse to let me speak?
I still repeat: Is it because I came from PDP to join the party? Today, they have turned some of us to be like outcasts within the party.

“And that is why when my chairman made that statement about the Senate President that the party does not mind if the PDP takes over the position and so on. Shortly afterwards, because of some pressures, he came back to fine-tune his statement by saying that the party still wants to hold the position. But he never denied making the statement.

How can you allow your number three citizen go through what he is going through – no matter what? It’s because the party is not mediating between the executive and the legislature. “The party has every power, to go to the president, to appeal to the president, to make it clear that this issue is not just about Bukola Saraki. This is beyond Saraki.

It could be anybody. Anybody could be in his shoes. As a party, we’ve not been able to take a position that will please Nigerians. What is happening to Saraki is not just Saraki but it’s something that is making Nigerians to look at APC as a party having issues.

Our chairman came out to demonstrate that statement. “I don’t want us to have a scenario whereby we have power today and in the next four years we’re not in the office. We worked hard to bring this change and we must defend this change. This is because we have a president that has the goodwill to deliver the change agenda. But how you can do that lies on the party?” Speaking further Frank said: Frank said: “We have two factions of the party at the National Assembly, especially in the Senate – the Ahmed Lawan group and the Saraki group. As a party, till today, we’ve not been able to summon those two factions and say ‘come what are the issues? Let’s harmonise these issues. Let’s stop this infighting.’
Till today, the party has not found itself to be seen as a party that can unite the family.”

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  • Nuea
    May 8, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    How did saraki become senate president? He stole the position against his party’s mandate. I support oyegun. let pdp take over the senate instead of saraki to be supported. Frank, you deserve to be sidelined having been pdp before.


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