Pakistan PM, Khan Advocates For Chemical Castration Of Those Convicted Of Rape, Child Molestation

by on September 16, 2020

Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan responding to rape incidents happening in the country said that rapists and child molesters when caught, should be chemically castrated.

Khan stated that he had already discussed with members from his cabinet the kind of punishment to be handed to the alleged rapist.

Since it is not reported, one does not know the extent or real statistics concerning rape incident. The victims are either scared or ashamed of reporting rape cases.

“I honestly think the rapist should be publicly hanged for his crime.

He however believed that publicly hanging rapists will put the country out of favour in trading relationship with the European Union (EU).

“Instead rapists should be castrated chemically or better still, surgery should be performed on them, so they will stop carrying out the act.

Last week, a woman complained about being raped by two men after her car broke down on the high way.

The police however has apprehended three men said to allegedly involved in the incident.

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