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    Comment…that is yr opinion,my is that Gej will come back becos Aso-Rock is not northerners property alone or if uncle Gej reject d offer becos he is d one to reject if not we re ready to support him,so,if he reject u people better go to south-east or South-west in search of candidate we re tired of northerners to head this country even God don’t want them in that seat again from yara-dua to buhari God is tell u something

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    Comment…the moses of our own time, we want you back don`t mind their human zoning but God zoning we`re waiting for , by the time they see more troubles in their camp they will respect GOd and honour the chosen one God, bless you

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    The Republican

    Yaradua and Goodluck are the only leaders that have good policies that will have direct effect in the lives of nigerians


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