PDP Now or Never, By Obianuju Ogoko

by on February 7, 2018

Greetings all:

All I see on most Pro PDP social media Platforms are encominums on encominums on ourselves……for what exactly I wonder???

INEC has registered over 74million voters and targets 85million by 2019…. we have a little over 4 million registered members (Unaudited) nationwide with no sight of new membership mobilisation drive despite the voting Tsunami appraching, it’s better late than never. PDP Youth lie fallow at all corners, throwing tantrums for lack of focus and a strong leadership.

These young persons who are our greatest assets could be engaged to start new membership drive through social media and door to door neighbourhood campaign in collaboration with our state structures. All they do right now is attack and defence. They need a sabbatical to prepare the minds of voters. A good startegy would have been to deloy a few for attack and they rest for rebranding and restitution. Yes, Nigerians are yarning for a new PDP.. No one is selling that to them. The bitterness of a new wife doesnt always make one go back to the old wife, a newer one usually replaces the unperforming one……..for the political polygamists. Every young person live in a neighbourhood which means they do not need Transportation fare to campaign. However, they need direction and motivation and a firm promise. Can’t we see that they are yawning to work???? Young people can campaign in their neighbourhood to reduce cost but with a structured recognition plan and a little stipend where necessary.

Courtesy visits are awesome but how have we forgotten so fast, how some of our most trusted stakeholders took campaign funds and closed shop on us? Can you imagine what would happen in 2019 with all the monies taken away by Buhari?We refused to adopt Unit polling officers who are our best bet of securing hard erned votes. Training and pallying with polling unit officers is paramount, unfortunately, IRI is short of funds but CDD can help with their training and logistics costs to a great extent. We can’t afford to leave nomination of polling agents to last minute. It is more important and should be brought forward on our strategy list. Whatever the cost, a zonal or start meeting of all polling unit office should be initiated to avoid the usual embarrassment of appointing rival party members as our officers.

Leaders are posturing here and there so as to control campaign funds in their states knowing full well that they don’t have the interest of the masses at heart. How do you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result? What plan does our party have for this, for security reasons this should be discussed more privately but their are better was of doing this than the old way. To think that campaign funds are kept in the hands of pple who don’t near polling units is most laughable.

What’s the plan to harness 1/3 of the 85 million votes to win in 2019? INEC has just informed us that we need a minimum of 25million votes to win in 2019 meanwhile, 12 million was a struggle in 2015.

The worst part is that we are not evening listening to the voters. All we hear is that they don’t want APC, please are they saying they want PDP? Well, most non partisan ones who are in the majority don’t. How are we selling ourselves whilst continually on defence and attack? Only a proactive party will win in 2019. Any new ideas on how to do things differently???? Elders are scared of the young who are the repository of new knowledge, so they have continued to work the old inefficient and unproductive way. Trust building is important.
I have the same unsettled feeling I had in 2015. What do I know? I am Young and a woman says PDP. Back to my Work except that my mind beats fast like someone going into an examination without preparation when I think of my party and their lack of strategy and action.

Undoubtedly, heaven helps those who help themselves.

Uju Kanu Ogoko.

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