PG 13 | Rafael Nadal Plays Tennis Shirtless [PHOTOS]

by on August 27, 2015

Kingsley Kanayo

Rafael Nadal’s record may be faltering in terms of Grand Slams, but the 29-year-old Spaniard’s “strip tennis” game successfully set pulses racing on Wednesday.

To celebrate the launch of his new, slightly NSFW Tommy Hilfiger underwear campaign, the king of clay walked around shirtless, then played some tennis shirtless, then put on a sport coat and played tennis in a sport coat/no shirt combination, something that had to be a violation of U.S. Open dress code.

Shoot, Wimbledon might fine him retroactively just for the sheer audacity of it.

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But fashion magazine GQ thinks differently. “To be fair, the Tommy Hilfiger tennis event was billed as “strip tennis.” Judging by the recent, highly visible proliferation of Nadal-Hilfiger nudity propaganda efforts, it seems Rafael Nadal has finally been matched with the anti-clothing clothier to suit his needs”, GQ wrote.



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