PHOTOS: Citizens Of Rwanda Seen Maintaining Social Distancing, Wearing Face Masks And Washing Hands Before Entering Buses At Motor Parks

by on May 4, 2020

The event of the Covid19 pandemic has encouraged the world and human beings to make healthier decisions in their personal lives and their environments as a whole.

Due to the poor and devastating effect of the covid19 pandemic in the economy of certain countries, world leaders have been made to take difficult decisions like easing the lockdown of certain countries around the world.

Our favourite online Doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo took to his twitter handle today to share photos of Rwanda citizens maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks and Washing hands at their bust stops before entering the buses.

@DrOlufunmilayo tweeted;

“At a taxi park in Rwanda, People line up socially-distanced, People wear facemask, And people wash their hands before entering the bus. No face mask, no entry. No hand washing, no entry. This is what you call leadership. This is what you call public education. We need to learn”

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Although these leaders have also established guidelines for its citizens which they are obligated to follow in this time of the pandemic, these guidelines govern every sector of the country and citizens can be prosecuted for not obeying these guidelines.

We are moved to ask if Nigerians will obey these guidelines set for them by the Federal Government in order to save lives and curb the spread of the virus.

It is safe to say that the citizens of Rwanda have set a great example for Nigerians to follow and since the easing of the lockdown in Nigerian commenced on the 4th of may ,we look forward to seeing our citizens follow these guidelines.

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