PHOTOS: Meet Son Of Chadian President, Zakaria Deby Who Joined His Father In Eliminating ‘1000’ B/Haram Insurgents

by on April 11, 2020

The son of chadian President, Zakaria Deby, who is the Ambassador of Chad to United Arab Émirate (UAE), recently joined his father, Idris Debby, in eliminating ‘1000’ Bokoharam insurgents.

The operation was in retaliation for an attack by boko haram which took the lives of 92 Chadian soldiers.

President Deby, following the attack had vowed not to accept defeat until justice is served. “I will not accept defeat” he had said.

“I can assure Chadians, the entire zone that border with Niger, Nigeria & Cameroon is now under control, not even a single Boko Haram Terrorist. We taught them a lesson they will never forget, those of them alive,” the president was quoted as saying after leading his troop.

Yesterday, Humanist Adam Mo, shared pictures of Zakaria on Twitter, with the caption:

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The son of chadian President idris Debby, Zakaria Idris Deby Itno. He is the Ambassador of Chad to United Arab Émirat !!! And came to fight boko haram in lakeChad region! He is a Full Conel.
Cc: Abubakar Kurbe

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