Plot Twist: Who Is Very Afraid Of Fashola

by on August 11, 2015

By Jonah Ayodele Obajeun

I was concluding my response to a request, asking me to paint my obituary in words assuming I had the chance of dying today when another friend begged to be schooled on the relativism of success and the attendant pullers and pushers. The Fashola debate came in handy as a case study, having followed the debate from actual investigations, to twitter gossips and facebook opinionated analysis. The warlords are back from their holidays. Scandals are back in town!

Fashola’s celebrated tenure and exit as one of the finest public officials in recent history has in a way, come with over bloated expectations and characteristics politics of the nation state, which is still bogged with national distrust as to if any public official can come out clean. Even Saint Buhari has his unfair share. There is something fresh about the current order, our second decolonization seems to be under way, and as the new nation-state with its new political methodologies becomes operationalised, a fresh wave of energy has been released in the various emergent corners in Nigeria.

I have read from debaters of hollow logic and passive penchant for paying attention to details, I have studied the texts of press releases and online news portal reportage. The ongoing rave against the man who has warmly bought into the emotional bank accounts of many is somewhat too aggressive, but needed. Fashola wanted a social media relation platform, he bought into one tool, but the same tool is back to distract his tales. There are misconceptions in town, there are hearsays, and there are whistleblowers who will rake in points on the raving scandal.

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From checks, it could be that the 78m was interpreted in error or may be 78m was budgeted and 12m was spent, and given the ready-made posture of Buhari’s critiques, and given that PMB is firmly rooted in Fashola’s trust, the end game is to mask the game changer Fashola from the game of throne. But this will be a tough knot to untie for his traducers. No facts yet. The only fact available is the fact of the actual amount spent for the project as provided by the contractor. A candid advice for the hustlers is to petition the EFCC with evidence of misappropriation. May be when we know where the balance of 66m went to, we will bury our tongues in shame. I am enjoying the unfolding drama though.

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How Fashola will diminish the raving claims with his usual wits and candour remains something to look forward to. What we must know however, is that society is a human machine that shapes the evolution of man from past to present, then to the future. In which case, every individual is expected to have a past. In the sociology of human evolution, the past is an in-process to the present, while the present is an in-process to the future. It is based on this evolutionary sociology that football coaches determine the selection of their winning eleven. The players that are currently in form have better chances of winning future games. This is what has consumed Fashola. He looks like a promising striker for the political future of the country, for in him, PMB is pleased. It is not surprising that such fellow is being pinched by the wits, the cobwebs, the slings, the hindsight he has been able to gather in the course of his evolution.

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For yours sincerely, who is a core believer in Fashola, the last is not heard, the bride of the recent Nigeria’s political history will come back to equalize against the frenzied confusion.

While I wait for Fashola’s rebuttal, I am back at editing those words, yes the words I am putting together if I were to die today. May God forbid!

About Jonah Ayodele Obajeun:

He is an Associate Fellow of Nigeria Leadership Initiative and usually blogs at www.obajeun.com. He can be reached on twitter via @Obajeun.


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