Police Arrest Fifth Suspect in Copenhagen Shooting

by on March 20, 2015

Copenhagen police said on Friday they had arrested a fifth man suspected of being an accomplice of gunman Omar El-Hussein, who killed two people in deadly twin attacks last month.
The man was “suspected of complicity in the perpetrator’s actions on February 14 and 15,” police said in a statement.

“Like yesterday a number of raids are being carried out in connection with the arrest,” it added.
A fourth man was arrested on Thursday in a downmarket area of Copenhagen, bordering the Noerrebro neighborhood where El-Hussein lived.
Both suspects were due to appear at a custody hearing on Friday, but police declined to say what charges they would face.
El-Hussein, a Dane of Palestinian origin, shot dead two people in the attacks at a cultural center and a synagogue in the Danish capital.
Three other alleged accomplices have been detained since February 16 on suspicion of helping the 22-year-old gunman obtain and dispose of weapons.

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Source: timesofisreal.com

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