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Police Inspector kills Driver for giving ‘small bribe’

by on November 28, 2016

The Niger state po­lice command has arrested one of its police officer named as inspector Isa Mohd who was reported to have shot to death a J5 Bus driver and injured his conductor in early hours of Saturday at a check point along Tegina-La­gos Road in Mashegu Local Government area of Niger state.

Eye witness account said the police officer who is an inspector by rank had demanded for a tip from the driver who in the process did not give something sub­stantial which resulted to an argument and as the driver turn to walk toward his vehicle, the inspector cock and fired at him.

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The bullet pierced through the edge of the driver abdomen went out through his back killing him on the spot before hitting his con­ductor on the leg living him with a fracture but was immediately rush to a nearby hospital.

The situation infuri­ated members of the public who decided to barricades the road and were later join by drivers to protest the killing of one of their colleagues.

The police public relation officer of the command, DSP Bala Elkana when contacted confirmed the the in­cidence saying “ The police man has been ar­rested and detained.

He said the com­missioner of police CP Zubairu Abubakar has ordered for an in-depth investigation in to the case and that the police officer will be tried in police orderly room”

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He however advised members of the public to remain calm, as inves­tigation is going on say­ing that “ it has been a long while now without recording this type of reckless killing by the of­ficers of NPF since when an order was directed to stop given weapon to junior police officers on duty that takes alcohols.

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  • KOGI
    November 28, 2016 at 10:46 am

    Comment…My own suggestion here is about handling weapon when deployed at check point and matter what you not support to react when the person you are checking did not disobey them and your duty is to check mate they bad guys. Is unfortunate our NPF most of the time killing drivers because of twenty naira, fifty naira and one hundred naira mostly, is not because weapon handling what in their mine is different i want to become and de same problems that happen today is still happen tomorrow all over and someone will still come out they are not well trained that’s why the person that do this is not corporate or sergeant, inspector for that matter isn’t small person in the system. Therefore am calling the high authority to take proper action against any body who miss led himself.


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