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POLICE INTIMIDATION | Four Policemen Escape Lynching

by on September 20, 2016

Four policemen from Nnewi Area Command of the Anambra state com­mand had to run for their dear lives to escape an angry mob which was set on avenging an alleged harassment and intimi­dation meted out to a motorcy­clist.

The policemen who are said to be posted to Eme Court Road junction by Owerri road had re­ported for duty and were carry­ing out their duty of controlling traffic at about 8.45am when one of them sighted a cyclist without registration number.
An eyewitness who identified himself as JohnBull Johnson said that one of the policeman flagged the offending motorcy­clist down and he humbly com­plied but demanded to know why he was prevented from continuing his journey.

Johnson continued, “the next we saw was that one of the po­licemen on the other side of the road ran to the cyclist and attempted to forcefully pull him away from his bike but the offending cyclist stood his ground.
“Then the policeman brought out his small tear gas container and sprayed on his eyes three times while other onlookers got angry and started stoning the policeman and his colleagues with stones and other missiles.

“In fact the policemen had to run for their dear lives as the angry mob wanted to do some­thing untoward to the police­men for assaulting and tear gas­sing an innocent person. People are angry because the police­men are not there at that hour to impound motorcycles but to ensure free flow of traffic.”

Johnson further said that the annoying aspect of the whole drama was that the policemen after sometime returned to their duty post but came back with another officer who was then armed with AK47.
However, all efforts to get the reaction of the Area Command­er was not successful as he did not pick him mobile phone when our correspondent called

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