Pompeo Implores Vatican To Condemn Human Rights Abuses In China

by on October 2, 2020

The United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has called on the Vatican to join the U.S in condemning contravening of religious freedom in China.

According to him, the Catholic Church is suppose to be at the fore front in fight concerned with the basic rights of humans.

Pompeo gave the disclosure at a conference organized by the US Embassy.

Reacting also to President Trump’s harsh chiding of Beijing, Pompeo stated that there is no place in the world where religious liberty is more under assault than in China.

He also called on various faith leaders such as Pope Francis, St. John Paul ll, and retired Pope Benedict XVI to help defend and stand up for religious individuals every where in the world.

“We must give support to those seeking it during out time.

Pompeo who visited the Vatican, explained that they have undermined their moral authority by signing the 2008 accord with Beijing.

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