@POTUS | Nigeria Attempts Damage Control Over Zahra Buhari’s #ChildFucker Tweet

by on July 4, 2015

By Yemi Adebowale

President Buhari’s social media handlers have embarked on frantic attempts at damage control over comments by the President Buhari’s daughter Zahra, attacking President Obama for legalizing homosexuality.

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Zahra, one of the daughters of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari had tweeted from her Twitter handle @Zahra_Buhari on Thursday in clarification of an earlier tweet targeted at President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia. President Buhari’s handlers had on Saturday, made efforts to deflect the embarrassment through sponsored denials in online news platforms stating that Zahra’s comment was not referring to President Jammeh.

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However, Zahra’s clarification on Thursday of her earlier tweet at President Jammeh has now inadvertently labeled President Obama and the US Government as “Child Fuckers” for legalizing homosexuality and gay marriage.


Within hours after a BREAKING TIMES report on the possible diplomatic mess Zahra’s comments could create between Nigeria and the United States, President Buhari’s social media handlers have frantically created a new Twitter handle for Zahra Buhari in attempts to disclaim the embarrassing @Zahra_Buhari handle as a fake. The new Zahra Buhari handle tweeted at Kayode Sesan, the Political Editor of BREAKING TIMES on Saturday claiming she had just joined Twitter.

But investigations by BREAKING TIMES revealed that the offensive @Zahra_Buhari handle has been active for months leading to Nigeria’s presidential campaign and actually belongs to the Nigerian President’s daughter Zahra. The account has grown from a few hundred followers when it was first introduced to Nigerians, to over 400,000 followers. The account was active during the Presidential Campaign that brought her father into office.

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An inside source at Twitter Nigeria confirmed under condition of anonymity to BREAKING TIMES on Saturday that there were already moves to get the new Zahra Buhari handle verified to give credibility to damage control efforts over the embarrassment Zahra Buhari is causing Nigeria and the Presidency through unguarded social media statements.

The White House is yet to publicly react on the issue which observers say is capable of affecting outcomes of President Buhari’s July 20th meeting with President Obama in Washington DC.

Ironically, reversal of Nigeria’s anti-gay law is expected to top agenda of the Obama-Buhari parley beyond collaborative efforts on Boko Haram.

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