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#PrayForKano: Kano Indigenes Lament High Number Of Covid-19 Related Deaths In Kano

by on April 26, 2020

With the rising number of deaths coming from Kano related to Covid-19 and also rumours of a Cholera outbreak in Kano. Nigerians and Residents in Kano have called for prayers and awareness to the worsening situation in the ancient city.

Personal Assistant on New Media to the President, Bashir Ahmad @BashirAhmaad tweeted:

Time to drop all of our differences, excuses, come and act sincerely together as Brothers and Sisters we are #PrayForKano

Another Twitter user Zainab Mahmoud @iNabmahmoud tweeted about high number of casualties coming from Kano after a Personal Investigation of hers.

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A Professor of Haematology-Oncology and Bone Marrow, Usman Yussuf expressed his displeasure with the Kano situation in a piece he titled ” Kano City Is Now The Killing Fields Of Covid-19 in Africa”.

In the article, he documented his fears about the Covid-19’s rising presence in Kano.

The Capabilities of Kano State to handle the Virus as well as Lagos state, especially in the areas of Healthcare infrastructure and Manpower in Kano state. Also the will of the Residents of Kano during this outbreak. Raising fears about the concerns and general welfare.

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Professor Yussuf however recommended solutions he feels will help Kano handle the outbreak.

He recommended strong allocation of Federal Resources in fighting this Virus to be placed in Kano, making Kano the major venter of operations on Covid-19 for the Presidential Task Force.

Allocation of Medical Equipment and Manpower needed to fight the outbreak with proper record keeping and contact tracing in Kano.

Finally, an awareness campaign with social and religious leaders in Kano about the Virus.

Kano state has only one test centre which had to be suspended because it lacked the testing capabilities, which has led to NCDC reporting smaller than expected number of cases in Kano.

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As at 11:55pm, 25th April, NCDC reported 4 new cases in Kano.

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    April 26, 2020 at 1:48 pm

    Shebi, the governor said that the dead cases are not related to covid 19. How do we come in or render help? You are calling for help as if we are wicked or less concern, when the owner of the pains had declared that he is not feeling pain. Do you want us to go and feel the pains for him, or more than him?


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