Premier League Players Should Continue Taking The Knee In Fight Against Racism — Harry Kane

by on December 2, 2020

By Onwuka Gerald

Tottenham Hotspur forward, Harry Kane has suggested that Premier League players should continue taking to their knee in support of the fight against racial abuse.

Football Clubs before kick-off, Referees, Coaches and the players take to their knees, a practise that began upon resumption of football activities after the extended break period caused by outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

The knee taking, a symbolic message that explains that black lives mattered and at such, no room for racism is being practiced in various football leagues too like the Seria A and LaLiga.

In interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Kane stated, “Honestly, I think we are a huge platform, one used in sharing voices across world”.

“We obviously have done a lot with Black Lives Matter and taking the knee before kickoff”.

“I oftentime listen to people ask whether we should be doing the knee thing, in my perspective, i honestly think we should”, said the England captain.

According to him, regular supporters continue to see same gesture repeated every week. However, it was important to educate new football fans.

“Kids that watch football matches for the very first time, seeing us all take a knee will definitely ask their parents why so, the gesture educates people further on what ought to be done as regarding the issue”, he said.

“Educating people is the biggest thing we can do to make better the situation.

“I have never been racially abused, so i really I don’t know how it feels,” Kane added.

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