President Buhari, A Honest Mistake

by on March 22, 2016

The only thing I dislike about Nigerians is our obsession with prayers.

When we deliberately get ourselves into a bad situation, instead of looking for ways to make amends, get out of the situation and learn from it we start asking God to do wonders, but God won’t do for a man what he ought to do for himself which is why God carefully created us and added a brain, not only to make us better but for us to only ask for his help when the situation is beyond our ability.

The hatred and desperation to put an end to the “Goodluck that wasn’t so good” led us into believing the“Change”without asking the details of what the Change has for us, we simply became too emotional during the run ins to the election, the opposition saw this and capitalized, our hatred, desperation and emotions to see the end of President Goodluck Jonathan became our Weakness.

Showing these traits, APC went to work on our psychic by feeding us lies and propaganda just to fuel our hatred and desperation which In turn made us eager to vote out the “incompetent Jona” (a title I’m sure most us those that voted the present president must now feel they used too early).

The election couldn’t come earlier and everything that happened during preparations for the elections were inconsequential as minds were already made up and when Nigerians started sharing this on social media “even if pdp show us a picture and video of tinubu and Buhari robbing the central bank, we will still vote Buhari” the APC knew it was a matter of when and not if they’ll win the elections, Nigerians played into their hands, made them feel like the gods they’ve proven they’ll never be and this made APC promised us things we knew are impossible but because we’ve been blinded by emotions and desperation we refused to read beyond the Promises and ask how.

95% of the Nigerians that voted Buhari did so because they “want the very best” for Nigeria and in Buhari they felt they have a man who loves Nigeria, as he is a former head of state, and also served under another head of state, such a man should understand everything about Nigeria and shouldn’t  be overwhelmed by whatever “rots” he finds in the system; also as an election veteran, no man competes for same position three times in twelve years and won’t know what the seat demands but the current realities have shown that Nigerians elected a man that is overwhelm by the vastness of Nigeria, a man with no clear understanding of how to lead a multi ethnic and multi religious nation, a man that clearly still lives thirty years behind,, a man that feel Nigeria should be run like a village.

Having a man with no self improvement (education and current affairs wise) since leaving office and electing him president of Africa’s biggest economy without a debate or thorough questioning on his ‘HOWS’ is the deliberate mistake Nigerians made and will always live to appreciate, he won ‘our hearts’ by his Mr Integrity tag.

A man the believes corruption is the single biggest problem facing our nation and solving it will automatically fix every other things is not a man worth the highest office in the land, pre election when General Buhari granted an interview and promised to fix our economy with ‘the army, navy and air force” he clearly told us that there is no need probing further,  that he doesn’t understand what makes an economy works neither does he know what it takes to correct the many issues facing our economy, currency and nation, but like I said earlier, the emotions and desperation got the better of us

Having him as our President right now has made it very difficult for the country to progress because nobody can readily point to the direction in which the country is headed economic, security, even anti corruption wise but he’s a mistake we all shall learn from.

No man becomes great based on his intentions, better still public perceived intentions, he got there on who Nigerians think he was and not who is he right now, a man that refused to update himself on happenings around the world and upgrade his knowledge of what he actually knows no matter how little but many believes he’s still the right man for the job based on the integrity many believes he has and in also believing that while he’s there he’d concentrate on areas where he has much ability and knowledge  while his vice will be in charge of other areas that require deep academic knowledge. So far it’s not been what we expect but lessons from his 4years if Nigeria survives till then are;

1.      Integrity is not enough for lead a nation.
2.      Debates before an election is as important as voting
3.      Electing a brilliant man as Vice President won’t be enough cover if the main man is not at least averagely brilliant and a good vice won’t suddenly lead the nation right has it’s not his job
4.      Electing a man based on who you think he is and not what he actually is can have a serious negative effect
5.      Fighting corruption shouldn’t be a campaign promise, it’s a civic duty.

Gob bless Nigeria and I hope we survive till 2019 so we can apply these lessons in moving our nation forward.

President Buhari is a Honest Mistake.

Joshua A. Adefenwa

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