Exploring the Dark Side of Gambling Addiction in Australia

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Everyone has noticed that the world of gambling has changed a lot recently. Less and less people have begun going to traditional casinos due to the rise of online casinos. They are the most common and offer a huge variety of entertainment, often with a total number of games of more than 1,000. In addition, all players can take advantage of bonus and promotional offers. And the biggest advantage is that these platforms are available anywhere in the world. The player does not need to go to a land-based casino, pass a strict dress code and wait in line at the table. Everything is much easier now.

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But with the advent of such technology, the problem of gambling addiction has also increased. It is becoming more and more prevalent and demands to be talked about and avoided in every way possible. 

Good casino operators are aware of the disease and are taking various measures to prevent it. For example, many Austrians use fair go casino. This platform was founded in 2017 under the management of Deckmedia NV. It operates and complies with all the established rules of the country. All players are official users and can not worry about their safety. As the site is officially licensed by the government of Curacao. 

Here you will find a variety of offers in categories such as Slots, video poker, card games and table games. In addition, all users can take advantage of bonus offers. The first and most beneficial of them is the welcome package. Immediately after registering and making a deposit of A$20 or more, you will receive a 100 percent bonus up to A$200. 

The operators use a Responsible Gambling section to make the games safe. It is designed to prevent any symptoms from happening to the players. It applies the basic objectives of playing for pleasure, not for money; having fun without causing harm; and only playing with money that you don’t regret. For these purposes modern features have been implemented: 

  • Limited Deposits( daily and monthly);
  • Self-limitation agreement between the company and the players.

Play FairGo and experience the freedom of action with the ability to earn money while having fun, without damaging your mental health!

What is Gambling Addiction: Key Symptoms 

Gambling addiction is a disorder that manifests itself in a constant craving for recurring episodes of gambling. They begin to dominate the individual. It affects the reduction of material, social, family and professional values. 

In order to win money people are able to do many things. They may risk their jobs, incur debts and even break the law. This condition usually manifests itself during some great stress. 

But the main problem is that gambling is relaxing. A player who is irritated and dissatisfied with anything becomes calm and peaceful. This is due to a large release of hormones. This is the triggering mechanism for gambling addiction. 

Signs of gambling addiction: 

  • Mental discomfort, restlessness and irritation. These appear within a short period of time after gambling;
  • Constant involvement in the process. A constant desire to gamble;
  • Thoughts of gambling, changes in social circles, constant imagination of the process and of winning ;
  • The inability of the player to stop on his own, both after winning and after losing;
  • The emergence of a “game drive”;
  • The urge to increase risk. 

It is worth carefully monitoring their actions, a change in their behavior if you start gambling. This kind of action will bring only positive emotions only if you keep a clear control over yourself. Otherwise, it may not end up with the result you were expecting.

What Factors Contribute to the Development of this Problem?

There are many different options that could not only make the addiction worse, but also give it a stratum. Not all players are affected by the disease. It has been documented that in different countries, depending on the location, gambling leads to addiction in the range of 1-5 per cent. That’s not a huge number. However, because of the difficulty of recovery the problem has to be talked about constantly and tried to prevent it. So if at least a few of the following points overlap with you, you should think twice about starting to gamble. 

Predisposing factors for gambling addiction: 

  • Possessions;
  • Improper parenting in the family;
  • A tendency to play games as a child;
  • Belief that all problems can be solved easily, especially with money;
  • Constant focus on financial opportunities;
  • Envy of wealthier people, even those outside the inner circle;
  • Overestimation of material things.

It is worth thinking a few times before you start gambling. It is worthwhile to understand the problems this may cause. Choose a casino with a responsible gambling section where you can set your limits. This approach will prevent you from spending too much time and spending all your money. 

Preventative Measures

Except that the constant watching your actions leads to finding problems early. There are a few more tips you should follow. These are essential to prevent the first symptoms of the problem. 

Important : 

  • Have an outside activity. For example, have a creative hobby or play sports;
  • Take an interest in the affairs of your family and friends;
  • Create an atmosphere of love and warmth in your home and community;
  • Listen to your beloved one’s words and be supportive and helpful;
  • Support your family traditions. Spending time with your family will help you get away from gambling;
  • Set limits on how much money you can spend;
  • Set limits on how much time you can spend at the online casino;
  • Don’t spend the last of your money on gambling. You should spend free money that you don’t need for a living. 


You can’t say with certainty that gambling is a bad way to spend your free time. On the contrary, it’s a great way for many people to not only have fun, relax, and have a good time. At online casinos, players can earn real money. It is not difficult to do, so it can be considered that this is not the most difficult way to make money. But it is that the money is easy to make and can lead to problems. Some players do not aim to make a difference, they come for the earnings. This approach is found to be bad. 99 percent of these players leave with nothing. Only those who come with really good intentions can expect good results. 

Choosing an online casino is very important . It is worth making sure that the operators take enough measures to prevent addiction. Only then, with limits and restrictions in place, can the site be trusted. Such features reduce the occurrence of gambling addiction by 95 percent. The rest depends on you – on your predisposition, the ability to control yourself and stop the game in time. 

Watch what you do in gambling, play and win real money!

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