Probe El-Rufai over ‘payment to murderous Fulani Herdsmen’ revelation

by on December 12, 2016
The President of Alaigbo Development Forum (ADF) Mr. Uzodinma Nwala and Senator Danjuma Tella Laah, representing Kadu­na South Senatorial District, have asked the National As­sembly to mandate a National Commission of Inquiry to in­vestigate Kaduna State Gover­nor, Nasir el-Rufai’s revelations that the “Fulani herdsmen who are killing Nigerians are from other West African States.”
They added that the pro­posed commission should also probe the full range of the Fu­lani invasion and other activi­ties in Nigeria.
Nwala, said: “The revelation by Gov­ernor El-Rufai that the Fulani from other West African States have been on the prowl in the territory of the Federal Repub­lic of Nigeria is the most seri­ous information on the dangers of the ongoing series of intimi­dation, annihilation, genocidal massacre, rape, targeted at oth­er ethnic nationalities and the Christian communities, with Ndigbo as the prime target.
“The public outcry of Sen­ator Danjuma Tella Laah in a recent press conference with its chilling account of what the people of Southern Kadu­na are going through is anoth­er cry unto the heavens. But it is another cry on behalf of all the victims. His charge to his peo­ple of Southern Kaduna State to use all available and justifia­ble means to defend themselves is also the most sane charge to all victims to take their destiny into their own hands.
“Nothing could be more disdainful, arrogant and insen­sitive than what El-Rufai said he had done to appease his Fu­lani kinsmen. ADF and other patriotic groups in Alaigbo and the rest of Nigeria should call on our legislators to join their colleagues from all the affect­ed zones to demand a Nation­al Commission of Inquiry into El-Rufai’s revelations and the full range of the Fulani inva­sion and other activities in Ni­geria,” Nwala said.
In his comment, Senator Laah said: “I wish to make my assertion, and views and po­sition of my constituency on some very vexing and serious utterances made by Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State as it concerns the survival and wellbeing of Southern Kaduna.
“Newspapers and online captions quoted Governor Na­sir el-Rufai as saying that he has had to trace some of the murderous Fulani herdsmen that have been killing defence­less, innocent Southern Kadu­na natives and destroying their villages. The news sources said that after tracing them, he told them that he was also a Fula­ni man and paid them sums of money to stop the massa­cre, burning and tearing down of scores of communities in Southern Kaduna.
“That not done with, the governor also uttered a very bizarre threat that he has com­piled for arrest and prosecu­tion, names of persons asking the people of Southern Kaduna to defend themselves against the obvious inability of the Chief Security Officer of the state- Governor Nasir El-Rufai – to secure their life and prop­erty and save them the trauma of being under perpetual fear of further unprovoked violence.
“Knowing how swiftly he (El-Rufai) reacts to any unto­ward issue unfairly thrown at him in the media, I have wait­ed for days to hear or read a re­buttal from him but to no avail. This therefore confirms these unfortunate utterances as tru­ly that of the governor of Kadu­na State, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai.
“I wish to state that these statements are not only un­fortunate, callous, insensitive, crude and demeaning of his of­fice and intelligence, it throws him up as a bigot and hater of Southern Kaduna and we are holding him as an accomplice in the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna.”
The Senator added, “That there was never in a time in 2011 that Fulani from Mali, Ni­ger, Chad, Cameroon, Mali and Senegal were killed in South­ern Kaduna with their cattle. This is a silly and an absurd lie. Southern Kaduna is not a junc­tion of these countries. So how could they have all converged on Southern Kaduna on their usual migration back home?
“The governor just invent­ed this lie to make excuse for his imported murderous Fulani kindred to continue their exter­mination of our people and the occupation of our lands.
“In the light of the above, the Federal Government, es­pecially the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA), the Directorate of State Services (DSS), the Di­rectorate of Military Intelli­gence (DMI) and sundry agen­cies should look no further for the solution to the relentless killings in Southern Kaduna. El-Rufai must be held to pro­duce the killers of innocent Ni­gerians since he has been able to identify them and their loca­tions,” Senator Laah said.

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