PROJECT R.E.V.A.M.P seeks build young leaders through Reading

by on October 31, 2016

PROJECT R.E.V.A.M.P is an acronym for REVIVING EDUCATIONAL VALUES AND MAXIMIZING POTENTIALS. This project, approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Education is an EDUCATIONAL, ENTERPRISE and LEADERSHIP development initiative designed to raise young leaders (from public secondary schools), who will excel in their academics and in life. It is geared towards helping improve the educational standard in our schools and raising young leaders, who will transform Africa and the world in general.

We intend to achieve this via

  • Book reading sessions
  • Interactive mentoring sessions
  • Leadership development interventions

In addition, each student gets a package consisting of:

  • A Book – Keys to Excelling In Secondary School (Approved Study Guide)
  • Notebook/Workbook
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Our goal is to reach a minimum of 10,000 students in 10 public schools within the next one year. We’ll work with each school for a minimum duration of 1month, visiting the school once a week for a 75 minutes mentoring sessions with the students. Our aim is to improve reading culture and raise young leaders with new set of value system.

Afterwards some selected students will be trained specially for leadership, entrepreneurship and excellence through an academy Scheme.

All of these for FREE!

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The first phase of Project REVAMP kicked off in May/June 2016 at Isolo High School. We reach about 1000 students, facilitated training interventions using various initiatives;

  • Highly engaging one-on-one sessions with the students.
  • Group discussions/presentations
  • Class activities.
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The level of interaction and participation of the students was astonishing as they were receptive to all our mentoring sessions. We got feedback from the students on how they learnt something important and how the project has changed their mindset for the future.

We are set to do more. The second phase of Project REVAMP begins in the month of November 2016. We have a team of trained volunteers and resource persons who help nurture, mentor and inspire thousands of school children to excel in their academics and in life. As a volunteer, you can participate by:

  • Making yourself available for the sessions in the schools.
  • Contributing financially towards this project and/or getting your friends, families or colleagues to support the project.
  • Driving publicity and support for this project on social media and all other platforms.
  • Generating ideas to successfully carry out this project and any other kind of support.
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Our social media platforms: Instagram – @projectrevampafrica, Twitter – @ProjectRevampAf, Facebook – Project Revamp Africa. Kindly follow and like our page.

Help us build a greater future for our young leaders.


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