How to Promote a Youtube Channel for Monetization

Tips and Tricks to promote youtube channel and videos organically

By: Arshad Farooq Butt

Everyone wants to be successful on youtube but few reach their destination. Why most of the youtubers fail to reach monetization goal and why some youtubers fail to earn money even after achieving monetization goal. This is really a complex situation and in this article I ll cover the whole story.

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YouTube Channel Monetization

Alright, Lets continue our topic. Let’s first discuss how some successfull youtubers reach their destination.

Youtube Channel Should Follow a Single Topic

If you love funny videos and subscribe a channel because the owner posts funny videos, what would you feel if he posts a video of animal mating just to get views? you will definitely unsub the channel to avoid the irritating content. Same is the case with every channel.

Think 10 times before starting a channel and ask yourself that what is your ability. Which type of videos you can provide on the channel continuously. What is loved by the people on youtube? Once you have decided a topic, never change it. Create a new channel for other topics if you want to work on more ideas.

Do Youtube Channel SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps your channel videos rank better in Google and Youtube. Their is no rocket science in SEO. Start from designing stunning thumbnails and optimize Title, Description, Tags and Hashtags. Don’t just upload the video with empty description.

Strong Social Media Accounts for Youtube Channel

Social media is one of the best platforms to pass traffic to a website or youtube channel. Create a facebook page, twitter account and instagram account with the same name your channel has.

Big Channels Can Transfer the Views and subscribers

Try to contact with successful youtubers of the same niche and ask them to promote your channel. They may demand a price for that. They can pass traffic to your channel with End Screen Ads. They also can share your channel link to their community tab and ask their followers to subscribe your channel. I have done it on some channels and found it really helpful.

Exploit Google Ads for Youtube Video Promotions

Youtube algorithm creeps like a tortoise. To make it run fast use google ads on each new video according to your budget. Spending $ 10 – 20 is a better strategy in the beginning. It will present your video to new audience who may subscribe your channel if find interesting.

Exploit Facebook Ads for Youtube Video Promotions

You must create a Facebook Page for your channel to share your video links on facebook. Facebook provides facility to reach your post to the targeted audience through its ads system which works just like google ads. This promotion will help you reach new audience.

Remember that youtube channel is a long journey. Be ready to wait for some of your videos to be viral. Till then keep working and uploading good content. Youtube takes time to rank your channel. It is not a T-20 match but a Test Cricket. I ll be sharing more usful tips and tricks in my next articles. Keep reading Technology category on our website.

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