Make A Unique Promotional Video in 7 Easy Steps To Market Your Brand Effectively

How do you define ‘effective’ in marketing? The answer may be subjective. But the common thing is that your promotional material must be able to influence the targeted audience to inspire their trust in your brand and enhance their brand recall rate.

A promo video usually is deployed to attract the attention of prospects to the most useful and prominent features of your offering. This is done to spark their interest and convince them that your product enjoys a definitive edge over similar ones from competitors.

You can display the product in action to spellbind prospects and make them visualize how it can make their lives better.

Whatever your strategy for promo video creation, the video should excite an irrepressible desire to buy your product after watching it. In this bid, you can offer giveaways that facilitate prospects to try out your product and get a feel of its superior features.

Easy Steps To Create A Show-Stopper Promotional Video

You might be eager by now to learn how to make killer promotional videos in a few simple steps to impress prospects and drive sales. Well, the section below will offer you actionable insights into the same.

Before that, let’s quickly go through the characteristics of a good promo video.

  • Short and focused
  • Covers most essential points or USP in a visually appealing way
  • Informative yet engaging
  • Can feature product demos, live-action product usage, animations, etc.
  • Carries a tempting offer that prospects can’t resist

We can now explore the steps that facilitate the creation of limelight-snatching promotional videos.

1. Develop Clarity On Your Video’s Objective

Without a clear aim, your promo video would be lost in the choppy waters of competition. Hence, brainstorm intensively with your marketing team about the motto driving the creation of promo videos.

Some of the objectives can be:

  • Boosting sales
  • Getting more subscribers for your SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, etc. platforms
  • Informing customers about upcoming events, product launches, trade shows, etc.

Once you define your goal, you can craft a compelling visual message that can resonate with targeted audiences. The creative team can plan the flow of visuals to offer an immersive experience to viewers.

For example, if your brand develops sleeping pillows for people suffering from spondylitis, you can create promo videos with customer testimonials to grab the attention of leads.

Your promo can carry candid revelations of people who have received significant relief from neck pain and are enjoying sound sleep after using the pillows. The impact left will make viewers sit back and consider your product.

2. Visualize The Thematic Flow of the Promo Video

Once your plan for the promotional video has been chalked out, it is time to figure out how your video frames will be synchronized to leave a lasting impression on prospects.

Huddle with your creative team to figure out which scenes will be prioritized and in what sequence to strike the customer hard. This will help you finalize the direction of your video.

For example, if you plan to demonstrate how your software delivers awesome value for subscribers, you need to shortlist the steps that need to be emphasized. Further, you may need screen captures and visuals to showcase how the software can seamlessly operate in real life.

Cull and string the scenes that can excite prospects.

3. Prepare Your Script

Without a proper script in place, even a good promo video maker can’t entice prospects with its enthralling special effects or transitions. You can hire the services of an experienced writer who is aware of the pulse of customers in your niche.

The script must focus on making prospects commit attention to your video, providing practical information to make light of the complexity of your product, and inspiring prospects to respond positively to the video’s call to action.

An engaging script can work wonders in winning over new customers.

Condensing so much information in a short promo can sound challenging. You can overcome the same by doing the following:

  • Defining the specific problem experienced by prospects for which you are trying to provide a decisive solution
  • Figuring out the best and easy-to-grasp way to showcase how your offering will offer a conclusive remedy to the prospects’ problem
  • Highlighting what makes your offering stand out from the competition and how your product features are superior
  • Spelling out the advantages of your offering
  • Echoing the values your brand espouses
  • Finalizing an emphatic CTA that viewers can’t decline to respond to

For example, if your brand has come up with a more comfortable spondylitis pillow, your script can start by revealing the health issues of using a low-quality pillow. It can state how neck pain can get aggravated in the long run with cheap alternatives.

Then, the unique advantages of your pillow are highlighted with references to satisfied customers.

Finally, the CTA exhorts viewers to test the pillow and return the same within the free look-up period if the outcomes are not satisfactory.

4. Develop A Visual Outline Of The Promo Video

Once your script is ready, you need to do the following:

  • Create a storyboard
  • Develop the visual outline of the video
  • Look for the best promo video templates
  • Sequence the frames in order of their appearance in the video
  • Scribble notes below each frame for aiding in further refining
  • Create thumbnails for all important scenes

Define the order of the scenes, as this will prevent any confusion in the future and ensure optimum quality of production.

5. Make Your Promo Video

After storyboarding, let your creative juices flow optimally to make an engaging promo video. A promo video maker will provide you with many impressive promo video templates to choose from.

While shooting the video, you must adhere to a few basic principles for adding cutting-edge to it.

  • Showcase your product from various perspectives or walk the customers through your service comprehensively to offer them unalloyed insights needed to make informed decisions
  • Demonstrate the process of using your software or service through screen recording that covers the most important steps
  • Consider using royalty-free videos to fill in the gaps in your footage and make transitions appear seamless
  • The video voiceover should be in an authoritative, friendly, and familiar tone

To accomplish these, you will need the following:

  • A high-resolution camera or smartphone capable of shooting in 4K
  • A tripod to hold your camera in place
  • Screen recording software
  • Good promo video maker with lots of easy-to-use features
  • Site from where royalty-free stock footage can be downloaded

6. Refine Your Promo Video

You will require a good video editor to refine your video atmospherics and add glamour to the scenes with special effects.

During editing, you can do the following:

  • Add seamless transitions to switch between scenes
  • Retouch with special effects or animations to stress key points
  • Remove useless portions of footage
  • Insert background music that is pleasing to the ears
  • Style the scenes to enhance their aesthetics
  • Add texts or icons
  • Make a compelling outro carrying your CTA

All your promo videos must carry the same branding elements like logo, color palette, fonts, formatting, etc. This makes customers relate to your brand and promotes the recall rate. Use an editor that can be used even with minimum technical know-how.

7. Publish Your Promo Video

This may not be directly related to creating the video, but it is an important concluding step after your finished video is exported in a proper format.

Ensure that the video is exported in high resolution and the size is not inflated. This will offer prospects the best viewing experience and load the videos faster, even on a slower internet connection.

You can publish the final video on social platforms, send it through emails, integrate it with paid advertisements, or post it on your website.


You may have now become conversant with the proven steps for creating an effective promotional video that impresses viewers and makes them associate with your brand.

As you plan your promotional videos, remember to embed your content with a tacit magnetism that can awe viewers and motivate them to respond favorably to your CTA (call to action). 

Keep practicing the steps to hone your skills in making marketing videos that can complement your brand promotion strategies effectively.

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